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VIDEO: Ace Photographer TY Bello Speaks on Faith and Not Having a Father

VIDEO: Ace Photographer TY Bello Speaks on Faith and Not Having a Father

TY Bello opened up on her faith and deep relationship with God and not having a father as she sat on the set of Kemi Adetiba’s KING WOMEN series. The more you listen to the famed photographer speak, the easier it is to understand why so many people love her. TY isn’t just as soulful as they come, she has a heart of gold that shines through everything she does. The photographer who discovered the now famous Olajumoke Orisaguna, the bread seller turned model is an inspiration to so many people and this video will give you an idea why.

In this teaser, for Kemi Adetiba’s KING WOMEN series, “TY talks about how finding God at an early age filled the void created by losing her father as a toddler. She takes something as abstract as spirituality, and moulds it into something special, practical and personal to her. Her unwavering, un-apologetic belief, also makes you want to BELIEVE!!!!”

Watch, and continue reading below to learn more about the KING WOMEN Series

KING WOMEN is a visual “movement” that acts as an accessible/online source of mentorship and emotional upliftment to young, impressionable ladies.

In this fast paced world heavily influenced by social media, many young girls/ladies grow up without strong female influences to look up to: Mentors who nurture them not just mentally and emotionally, but ethically as well. Mentors who show them more than just how to be a woman “at home”, but how to succeed in a highly competitive world.
More importantly, young people need to know that every successful person has a personal existence, which may in fact be dogged by distracting vagaries of life that need to also be successfully managed. A lack of understanding of this fact, creates a distorted view on how life works, and what it takes to get ahead.

Our featured women are of varying ages and have achieved success in various works of life. We tend to recognize their success, but know nothing about the hard work and the personal journey that led them there…. Until now.

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