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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Man Looking to Really Impress

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Man Looking to Really Impress

You will agree with me that the typical Nigerian woman is not the kind of woman you can give just roses for Valentine’s and get away with it! With the V-day not far away it’s time to figure out what you’re going to get that special woman in your life and I’ll help to help you make great choices. I mean really fab gifts and not tacky ones that will piss your girl off and leave how wondering how she ended up with you. lol

These are timeless and useful pieces that any girl would love to get and keep. You sure want to get a gift that shows and tells her you actually put some thought into it and you had her in mind the whole time.

Here’s hoping these fab gift ideas will impress your bae and take your relationship with her to the next level.

Photography accessories

Every woman loves to take pictures – from pictures of herself, her food, of you or just anything that catches her fancy, so photography accessories are a sure way to tell her you appreciate her photography ‘madness‘ skills.

Exclusive chocolates and perfumes

This may seem cliche but it is perfect at any time especially if your relationship is not more than six months old. The key here is going for exclusive or limited perfumes and chocolates. Ones you’re sure your girl has never seen, used or tasted. A little research online will guide you in the right direction.


Diamonds as they say are a woman’s best friend but if you can’t afford a diamond piece, any precious gemstone will do. After all, most women won’t say no to a good piece of jewelry.


Valentine’s day lingerie doesn’t have to and most probably shouldn’t be red and silky. However, you might want to go through at least 3 of her current underwear to find her size. Sizes differ for different brands and the average of her current under wear sizes will give you her true size.

Beauty products

By now, you should know what beauty products your girl uses all the time and so going all out to give her all the products in that line is a sure good way to impress her and spice up your day!

A fancy pair of shoes

What more can I possibly say here? You want to add to her shoe collection with shoes that would make her go weak-kneed.


It is funny how men think they are the only ones with an undying love for the latest and newest gadget in town. Well… some women love their gadgets as well. Find what she loves and get it for her.

A ring

As cliche as this sounds, you just might want to go down on one knee or both knees and pop the question. If you feel the time is right and you are ready to take it to the next level, now is the time to do so. Do your research so you get a ring that actually fits!

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