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Turn The Heat Up! Here Are Some Of The Coolest Sunglasses To Own Right Now

Turn The Heat Up! Here Are Some Of The Coolest Sunglasses To Own Right Now


Have you stepped outside during the day lately? If you have, then you know just how scorching the sun has been in recent times. This means that sunglasses are a must have this season if you don’t want to get blinded by the noonday scorch. Of course, this eyewear isn’t just an anti-sun staple, but it’s also a fashion essential that’s trendy season after season.

Once simply celebrated for their sun-shielding properties, today sunglasses have taken on new status: that of a fashion staple. Whether you decide to go chic, geeky, glamorous, or edgy, there’s one to fit your needs. This season, they’re cooler than ever and you shouldn’t be left out of this fashion-pleasure. It’s time to ditch the boring functional glasses and embrace the wide array of trends waiting for you to beckon them come.

Check out some sunglasses trends that are super cool and unapologetically stylish…

#1. Shield

When they said go big or go home, they had the shield sunglasses in mind. This face-framing-extra-edgy glasses is perfect for the girl who isn’t afraid to stand out and be herself in the process. They come in a variety of versions, this means that you can go all extra or play it a notch safe but still with the desired effect.



#2. Cat eye

Conjure your inner feline with this timeless item. Season after season, the cate eye sunglasses dominates the fashion streets and it shows no sings of stopping. That is to say you can sport any variation and still be trendy. With it’s higher peaks frame and exaggerated angles, you’re sure to get a wow fashion moment.



#3. Aviator

When we think aviator sunglasses, the first thing we remember is either pilots or police officers. Of course, this sunglasses isn’t just for the above professions and any girl can bring them alive in her closet. It all comes down to the way you incorporate them into your ensemble that will make the difference between style star vibe and officer vibe. Choose wisely.




#4. Oversized

Sometimes, a little drama is all you need to show up and show out. This season, oversized sunglasses are the Rave and you can find one that suits you just right. Whether it’s the classic black, embellished, or colored frames, this glasses is great for blocking UV rays (and any shade thrown your way).



#5. Tiny

The teeny-tiny sunglasses are still here and each season, they are thinner and better. After Balenciaga inspired the return of this 90s trend in 2016, we have watched fashion-struck as designers take their creativity to new heights with this trend. The tiny sunglasses makes a statement, fits most faces, and is uber-stylish. What’s not to love? Wear it low on your nose bridge for that street-style vibe.



#6. Round

This 2021, we have witnessed the resurface of several fashion eras including the 50s as well as 60s. With the round sunglasses, the 70s era of memorable fashion is again trendy in 2021. Awaken your disco moment in this glasses, it can do no wrong.



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