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Trend Alert! Watch SABINA HANNAN Achieve The Ethereal Halo Eye Makeup In This Easy Tutorial

Trend Alert! Watch SABINA HANNAN Achieve The Ethereal Halo Eye Makeup In This Easy Tutorial


Halo Eye Makeup also called spotlight eye makeup is a trend that started in 2017 and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. It is a glam look that creates an illusion of larger and rounder eyes which can be achieved by applying a dark shadow on the inner and outer corner of the lid with a shimmery shadow placed on the centre of the lid and that results in a halo effect that emphasizes the eyes.

This look does not have a preferred colour blueprint or eye-shadow intensity so you can use any colour of your choice to achieve it.


The look is not as easy as it seems but is quite easy to learn. As beauty enthusiasts, we must keep up with emerging trends so that we are not left behind in the fast-paced world of beauty. Still scared of trying? Not to worry we have found the perfect tutorial video by makeup pro Sabina Hannan to help you achieve this look with ease, including a step by step guide.

All it takes is 4 steps!

Step 1 – Prep and Prime

Since the idea of this look is to showcase the eye-shadow, prime your lid with a good eye-shadow primer to set the shadows, even out any discolouration and ensure it stays put all day. Apply your primer on the lid and blend to the brow for a smooth surface.

Step 2 – Transition

Once you have prepped the lid, sweep a warm-tone shadow along the crease and blend to the brow bone. The transition colour should be relatively light and must work with any other shade.

Step 3 – Apply Dark Shadow

Using a fluffy brush, apply a dark shadow to the inner and outer corner of the eye, then use a blending brush to gently lighten the dark shadow. Ensure the lid is completely free from shadow.

Step 4 – Spotlight

The most important step in the halo eye makeup is applying a shimmery eye-shadow on the centre of the lid, as well as the lower lash line. Once that is in place, blend to give a metallic finish.

Augment the look using a voluminous mascara to bring out the upper and lower lashes, add liner and lashes. The result is ethereal.

Watch the video below. But before that, check out the halo eye makeup trend on other bloggers…

Who says blue is too much? For the sparkling eyes lovers, blue rocks!

For the glitters lover, you are not left out of the Halo eye makeup. Pat the glitter in the centre of your lid and you are ready to slay!


Who says a melanin goddess can’t slay the Halo Eye makeup? Here is your inspiration…


Now watch to see how Sabina Hannan achieves the Halo Eye Makeup…

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