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Travel Right: A Gentleman’s Travel Style Guide

Travel Right: A Gentleman’s Travel Style Guide

There is nothing I LOVE more than food than to travel. There is just something about waking up in a new setting, being exposed to a new culture, tasting food you can’t even pronounce and finding yourself in a crowd that speaks a foreign language that helps you understand how amazing this world is.

However, traveling for pleasure and traveling for business are two different things and business trips can be a real pain. You arrive states or countries you’ve always wanted to explore, but find yourself without any time to actually ‘see’ due to back-to-back meetings. Don’t even get me started on the sartorial nightmare. Not only will you need to pack all of your work essentials  – including important documents, your laptop, maybe even a tablet – you’ll also need to take enough clothes to cover both that lunch meeting and a round of drinks with a client in the evening.

Here are some time-saving, stress-easing tips for travelling in style when on business

Wear your coat

Since you’ll most likely need at least one suit while you’re away, it’s worth wearing the blazer (and any coat you decide to take) when travelling. Doing so keeps you looking sharp  and prevents folds and wrinkles that comes with having it packed in a luggage.

Wear slip-on shoes

When travelling by air, you sure do not want to go through the stress of undoing and retying laces at security. So a nice pair of slip on footwear saves you hassle at the metal detector when taking them off and putting them back on is simple.


Get a wheeled luggage that’s small enough to qualify as a “carry-on”. The best part is, wheels just make life much easier, especially when wearing a suit.

The Capsule Wardrobe

Prioritize classics and versatile pieces as they will keep your luggage as light as possible and it also enables you to pull together outfits for any on- or off- duty occasion that may arise. Hence, you may want to stick to neutral colours for the most part – grey, navy, white, black and a little brown.

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