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Throwback Beauty Trends Making a Huge Comeback Right Now | SR Beauty

Throwback Beauty Trends Making a Huge Comeback Right Now | SR Beauty

The saying “history repeats itself” is not one of those random things people have gotten accustomed to saying over time. In our everyday lives we find history happening all over again with fashion, beauty and even lifestyle trends. One minute it’s in, the next minute it’s out and then you fast forward five years later and it’s in all over again. I guess it’s all part of the circle of life; why bother changing the wheel when you can reinvent it! Here are some (#notsothrowbackthursday) beauty trends from way back when making major comebacks at the moment.

Dark Red Lips


This lip trend was very popular during the late 20’s to the early 30’s. Fast-forward to 2016, celebrities like Rihanna, Oliva Palermo, Toke Makina and Zainab Balogun have been spotted rocking this sexy vamp shade of lip colour in both matte and gloss.


Big Fros


Back in the 70’s and 80’s the Afro was the staple of every young and fashionable Black, African individuals, think Foxy Brown. After going through some downtime with the birth of hot combs and relaxers, this gorgeous trend has made a remarkable comeback as so many women have embraced their natural kinks and curls.

Buns & Knots


Many of the Audrey Hepburn pictures I have seen have her hair nicely packed in neat bun. This 50’s ish and 60’s hair trend is spotted from runway to the sidewalk in different variations like the messy bun, the Tinkerbell bun and the likes.

Nude Lips


This fleshy toned lipstick trend very recently hit the fashion world with a big bang and we have seen celebrities, beauty bloggers and every day women alike rock this lippy colour as it is perfect for balancing out dramatic makeup on the eye.  Hollywood star, Brigitte Bardot was famous for rocking this trend.

Wavy Hair

Zoe Saldana on Extra

Famous during the times of Hollywood Silver Screen, cascading waves was everything. Fast forward 4x to the 2000’s it still has that same effect. Although, like most other trends from the past, this hairstyle is been worn in several variations like in ombre colours, short do’s and lobs (Long bobs).


60’s Cat-eye & Lashes


60’s Mod fashion is one fashion era with the most reoccurring trends in our time as seen every now and then on and off the catwalk. It is amazing how a reference to Mod era can’t be made without its infamous false lash extensions and cat-eye trend as seen on 60’s super model Twiggy.

Half Moon Manicures

With the nail art trend, gaining grounds in the beauty world , its no surprise that the creatives behind these adorable manicures have borrowed a few tricks or two from the past.


Glossy Lips

They were all the rave in the 90’s and early 00’s so much so there was a song all about popping lip glosses and then all of a sudden the matte lip stick showed up and everyone ditched the glossy lips. Now in 2016, they’re gradually making one helluva comeback thanks to ss17 fashion week.


There you have it Style Ravens…these are the major beauty comeback trends at the moment. Be sure to let us know which of these are your faves in the comments section below.

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