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These 13 Protective Hairstyles Are Both Celebrity And SR-Approved

These 13 Protective Hairstyles Are Both Celebrity And SR-Approved


Whether you have natural hair, coily or multi-textured hair, protective hairstyles are one of the best ways to maintain and grow healthy hair. It’s a win-win situation to preserve your coils while rocking a gorgeous hairstyle at the same time.

As the cold season creeps up across the world, protective hairstyles are particularly helpful in helping keep your hair safe from freezing temperatures which leaves it craving for more moisture; drying up and breaking off if same is lacking.

Over the years, many of our fave celebrities have been spotted rocking locs, twists, corn rows and box braids as they look for creative and beautiful ways to maintain to protect their natural hair. From Ciara’s ombré faux locs to Tiwa Savage knotless box braids with gelled down edges, we definitely love how they change up their looks from time to time. Not to forget Jordyn Wood’s snatched corn-row hairstyle.

For your inspiration, we have curated some of the best protective hairstyles we are currently crushing on. These hairstyles are rave-worthy and can be rocked year round, and especially during the cold seasons of Harmattan, Fall / Autumn and Winter 2019.

Whether you are the professional woman or the casual kind of girl, there’s a look in here for every woman. And the best part is these hairstyles are not only meant for naturalistas alone.

Here are the best protective hairstyles for natural hair this cold season…

Finger Wave Cornrows


Highlighted Loose Faux Locs

Tonye Garrick

Skinny Halfway Drop Cornrows

Mona Montrage

Knotless Box Braids

Tiwa Savage

Ombré Faux Locs


Ghana Braids


Skinny Faux Locs

Dakore Egbuson Akande

Straight Cornrows

Jordyn Woods

Passion Twist

Ronke Raji

Chunky Box Braids

Lupita Nyong’o

Long Cornrows

Tracee Ellis Ross

Cornrow Dropped Box Braids

Debbie Beeko

Photo Credit: Instagram | As Captioned 2020 hairstyles for black women

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