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The Most Fashionable Looks From Women Around The World – Week of July 14

The Most Fashionable Looks From Women Around The World – Week of July 14

When looking at the outfits of our favourite fashion influencers, actresses, models and fashionistas, one often wonder how they manage to always slay with their outfits. Is there a magical formula? Is there a secret recipe? How do they manage to look distinctively beautiful and consistently slay our hearts out each time they step out?

We’ve come to realize that it has something to do with finding a balance between their personal style and trending fashion, merging their beautiful and unique personalities with their fashion pieces and taking their outfits from 50 to 100 with the right accessories.

Whether this is done by a stylist, a fashion team, friends or by self, this simple action is one of the things that make fashion and dressing up to be an art of self-expression as well as a strategic brand image move. Which is why an outfit worn by Hollywood’s Beyoncé is distinctly different from one worn by Nollywood’s Rita Dominic.

So while you feast on some of the most fashionable looks from stylish women from all around the world for the week of July 14, note their diversity and how each look although uniquely stunning is different from the other.

Relive last week in slay!

Fashionable Looks July 14

Nigerian on-screen diva and certified fashionista Rita Dominic is showing us all what to do with the colour red.

Fashionable Looks July 14

Although the Queen of music, Beyoncé doesn’t post often on Instagram, whenever she does she breaks the internet and when it is a bomb look like this chic and casual combination of denim shorts and a fun work shirt, you can bet she has every reason to break the net.

Fashionable Looks July 14

Australian style blogger Micah Gianelli is the only one who can effortlessly pull off a badass look like this. Her ability to merge edgy with just about everything is unprecedented and absolutely awe-inspiring.

Fashionable Looks July 14

In this ensemble for her Harper’s Bazaar cover, American rapper Nicki Minaj proves why she is the baddest in the game as she serves sultry yet classy vibes in this look.


London DJ and Influencer Katerina Themis is giving the ultimate easy and stylish tourist outfit inspo in this scarf-for-a-top and destroyed denim pants.


South African fashion blogger Melody Molale is serving modern-day African girl vibes in this gorgeous monochrome / contrasting patterns ensemble!

Priyanka Chopra via @mimicutrell

Indian actress and style icon Priyanka Chopra is always wearing something we want, scratch that, we need to have in our closet and this one-tone suit is a sure must-have!


American singer Monica Brown makes another appearance on this list because she stays pulling off looks with the intent to kill (not with the assault weapon, of course) and this all-black ensemble does just that especially with how it contrasts beautifully with her blonde hair.


Nigerian-American beauty entrepreneur Kehinde Smith is a full feast for the eyes as her outfit is not just gorgeous but its cohesiveness with the background is impeccable and aesthetically pleasing.

Fashionable Looks July 14

Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova looked absolutely electrifying in this mini gown, gorgeous hairdo and simple yet badass makeup as she presented the 2018 FIFA World Cup trophy in Russia.

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