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The Most Fashionable Looks From Women Around The World – Week Of July 28

The Most Fashionable Looks From Women Around The World – Week Of July 28


e’ve all had that moment or moments where we were surrounded by clothes but utterly and totally uninspired and have no clue what to wear. And if that hasn’t been a problem for you ever, we bet you’ve encountered the issue of wondering how to style a particular outfit.

Typically, at such moments, your mind is blank and your best friend isn’t anywhere close or is just as uninspired as you are and the clock is ticking. Every minute taking you that much closer to the moment when you’ll have to step out of the house. Moments like this help us appreciate one of the most beautiful creations ever:  the internet.

With the internet, thousands and millions of fashion opinions, style advice and outfit inspirations are floating around and are accessible to everyone especially in situations like the one described above. With so many options floating around it sometimes doesn’t get any easier to put together a stunning look, which is why at Style Rave, on a weekly basis, we curate ten of the most fashionable looks from women around the world to help inspire you and your next outfit choice.

You’ll find in this edition of last week in slay, a look for every type of event!

Relive last week in slay!


South African multimedia personality, Ayanda Thabethe is our mood for the rest of Summer 2018: comfy yet stylish.


Always stunning and always dressed to the nines, Australian style blogger Micah Gianneli is taking us to fashion school once again in this absolutely chic black ensemble. Peep the fishnet over her clear pumps; that’s a whole new style level!


We honestly can’t fault this look! From fabric to the cut to her shoes, American actress, Lauren Cohan’s  got this look all right and it is a 10/10 in our books.


Top Nigerian makeup artist and beauty vlogger, Dodos Uvieghara might have found the ultimate wedding guest outfit and she is definitely giving subtle lessons on how to slay as a wedding guest without over slaying.


With this look, American model and beauty queen Olivia Culpo showed us a perfect travel outfit that lets you be as travel appropriate as possible without compromising on style.

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She may be the Duchess of Sussex but she’s defly the Queen of subtle slayage! Meghan Markle stepped out in this simple gown and you already know how much we love a stylish Royal!

Getty Images

American actress, Amandla Steinberg‘s outfit looks so well put together and we’re frankly impressed by how cohesive her entire look is.

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This red power suit on American supermodel and TV personality, Kendall Jenner proves once again the versatility of the colour red.

Getty Images

Other than the fact that American actress, Danai Gurira has one of the most beautiful dark skins ever, she also has a particularly impressive and confident aura that shines through everything and transforms every outfit she wears including this one.

American musical sensation, Dua Lipa stepped out in this outfit that managed to be unapologetic and stylish at the same time and we are definitely impressed.

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