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The Most Fashionable Looks From Women Around The World – Week Of August 4

The Most Fashionable Looks From Women Around The World – Week Of August 4



oesn’t it feel like 2018 is going by at the speed of light? It feels like it was just yesterday we were setting off fireworks celebrating the new year. Doesn’t it feel like every moment of 2018 has been filled with incredible fashion and music moments that has us gagging for air at the unbelievable slayage that seems to be happening all around? The answer to these questions is a resounding yes!

As we step into the later months of 2018 it seems the slayage from both the fashion and music industries has definitely cranked up several levels. New albums from musical titans are being released or scheduled to be released soon, and we are about to step into the Holy Fashion months.

As the rainy season starts to taper off in most parts of Sub-Sahara Africa and the summer heat climaxes in the United States, more and more trends are being created and rediscovered and as usual there’s a mix of everything from from classic to edgy. The best part of course is getting to see celebrities and style stars across the world strut in the most fashionable pieces. As it is in our DNA, we make our judgements and decide which of these trends we are currently vibing with.

From Johannesburg to Los Angeles and back to the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Lagos, for this week’s most fashionable looks we have curated a mix of ten of the most stylish outfits we spotted on women from across the globe.

Relive last week in slay!

Certified Style Raven and South African media personality, Bonang Matheba might be a regular on here but each time she manages to wow us in a unique way and this look does that again!

What’s the fun in fashion without a little or a lot of risks? American singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez definitely took some risks with this ensemble but she’s a winner in our books!

The colours, the drama, the slayage! Nigerian TV host, Stephanie Coker ticks all the right boxes with this look without a doubt!

Canadian singer, Celine Dion is many things: one of the best selling singers of all times, one of pop music’s most influential voices, a musical diva and also, as her recent slayage shows, now a fashion diva, and this electric yellow suit is a testament to that fact!


This look on Nigerian actress Ini Dima-Okojie is different shades of perfect and we have no words but YASS!

American TV personality, Kim Kardashian might have created a new fashion tail trend with this outfit but what we are focused on is the absolute perfection of this look which simply screams Stylish Summer!

Ghanian actress, Zynell Zuh is an absolute slay queen and this polka dot jumpsuit is many shades of stunning!

Zaklina Berrido Pisano is not your average grandmother. This Serbian fashion influencer slays all day, every day! And this summer ensemble is a look worth bookmarking.

American TV personality, Porsha Williams is out here slaying for the curvier girls and she is doing it so well!

American fashion designer and wife of NFL player Emmanuel Sanders, Gabriella Waheed Sanders is a fashion triple threat with this risky look as she is dressed in three fashion luxury brands: D&G, Christian Louboutin and Fendi.

Photo Credit: IG | As Captioned

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