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The 5 Stylish Skirts Every Girly Girl Should Own

The 5 Stylish Skirts Every Girly Girl Should Own



n these egalitarian times, a number of people may argue that wearing skirts do not necessarily make you girly but we sure know you’re bound to act more lady-like with skirts on. Unless they are maxi skirts, a lady is more conscious of how she sits and even walks while in skirts. Denim skirt outfits.

Nonetheless, not all skirts bring out the femininity of a woman. While some are fun and flirty, others might just swallow up all those curves leaving you boxy and void of curves. From pencil to tutus, there are stylish skirts every girly-girl should have in her closet and it’s not even up for debate. Denim skirt outfits.

Check out these 5 totally girly skirt outfit inspo for you to savor

#1. Pencil skirt

The sophisticated girl like yourself can turn this skirt into multiple star dusts of magic. A pencil skirt can be paired with almost any kind of top and that’s why makes tis curation of top 5 girly skirt outfit ideas. A blouse with a deep plunging neckline tucked into a pencil skirt is a classic look that speaks all shades of elegance. Girly skirt outfits.

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#2. Skater skirt

While this skirt may seem to scream college, not anymore. This sweet wardrobe must-have has women of different ages scrambling for a piece of this fashion cake. They can be worn with turtleneck tops and tights during cold weathers, or with any playful blouse in the hotter weathers. Skater skirts can equally be worn to work with a button down shirt and pumps. Just opt for a longer length to avoid flashing your panties to your colleagues.


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#3. Tulle skirt

There are chic and edgy ways to style the tulle skirt without giving off the ballerina vibe. Although if that’s the goal, there’s fabsolutely nothing wrong with that. Tulle skirts look chic paired with tank tops, leather jackets, and big knitted sweaters. The choice is yours.


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#4. Pleated midi skirt

This swish and sway skirt oozes elegance and grace. The pleated midi skirts are in, especially the metallic and print fabrics. This bottom piece is a perfect blend of street style and sophistication and we’re all here for pairing it with a lace top, a graphic tee, or a classic button down shirt. Girly skirt outfits.

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#5. Denim skirt

There’s no way denim will go out of style. Once you think they’re fading, they come back with a bang. Denim skirts are skirts every girly girl should have sitting pretty in their wardrobe and hips. A double denim look and boots is a killer lewk, we know this!


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The next time you want to show up in sweatpants, remember skirts are a whole vibe. Also, if you’re trying to get in touch with your feminine side, then these girly skirt outfits are the apt go-to.

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