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Small Businesses You Can Launch for Under 50,000 Naira

Small Businesses You Can Launch for Under 50,000 Naira

The need for individuals to start up small businesses in Nigeria cannot be over-emphasized, especially with the current dwindling economy, the uncertainty and insecurity that often loom over job holders. It is common knowledge that in order to start up a business, capital is required – however, the amount of capital required depends on the type of business one wants to venture into. Becoming an entrepreneur does not mean you have to break the bank – in fact there are plenty of small businesses under 50k available to you!


You do not have to wait on the sideline for that big break before you can think of an idea to pursue, here is a list of 5 businesses you can start up under N50,000.

Liquid-Soap Production and Paint Making
Carry out your feasibility study! There are no resources that you can’t get a hand on. So, get on Google, YouTube etc. Read-up and make your move.

Make-up Artistry
Get some form of training either free online (tons of videos on YouTube) or book a make-up training session for not more than N30,000 with MUD or House of Tara. Free make-up sessions are occasionally advertised, so, keep your ears open. Get in sync with current styles that would keep you in business.

Fashion Accessories (Bead/Hat Making)
Either go on YouTube or pay a little fare for a training session to perfect your skills and learn about current trends.

Laundry/Cleaning Services
Read up on how, purchase necessary tools and equipment for start-up. Most importantly, get your contact – start with your friends and neighbors.

If you want your business to thrive, then you need contacts! So get your complimentary cards nicely done and stuff them in your bag, pocket, glass cases, wherever you can easily access it! Make the most of networking opportunities (parties, ceremonies, weddings, trainings, conferences, volunteer jobs etc.) where you can introduce yourself and drop your card in hopes for a business relationship or even referrals.

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing
Starting a blog is relatively easy and requires little or no capital assuming you already have a laptop and internet service! The first step is to have an area of focus  and have passion for it – without which you can’t succeed. Consistency, quality and good contents are key to thriving in this type of business. Do your research. There are a lot of articles on the web on this topic.  Several platforms such as Google blogspot and word press offer free domain subscription to start with.

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