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The Elfonnie Edit: The 5 Shoes Every Woman Needs In Her Closet

The Elfonnie Edit: The 5 Shoes Every Woman Needs In Her Closet


No woman says no to new shoes irrespective of how many she has in her closet. However, not every woman is Imelda Marcos or has the budget to buy every shoe she wants, so it is essential to build your wardrobe with pairs that are very versatile. Shoes every girl needs.

Being a lover of shoes myself, it is often tempting to want to buy the shoes I love in every color but I’ve since learned that it’s not practical. So now, when I shop for shoes, I do so strategically.

“A woman can carry a bag, but it is the shoe that carries the woman.”

 Christian Louboutin

Here are 5 questions I ask myself before investing in a new pair of shoes:

  1. Do I really need these particular shoes? 
  2. How many different looks can I wear them with? More than 3 is great.
  3. How comfortable are these twins?
  4. Will they hold up well?
  5. Will I like the style just as much a year from now?

If I pass four out of the above five questions, then we’re in business.

Photo: @veechanda / Instagram

But shoe shopping tactics aside, every woman knows that no matter how much she’s got in her bank account, she needs shoes that will stand the test of time. And especially when you’re not particularly swimming in a lot of cash, you need to not just buy shoes that will last long, but ones that are super versatile. This applies whether you’re investing in classics or trendy pieces. 

Want to know how to shop for shoes that can help you slay many many looks?

These are the 5 shoes every woman needs…

#1. Classic black pumps

Photo: @thebeverlynaya / Instagram

The classic black pumps are a must for every woman irrespective of her age. The timeless duo goes well with most outfits and suit most occasions. They can be worn to the office, party, club––you name it!

#2. Silver strappy sandals

Photo: @valgramm / Instagram

What do you say about giving your feet a touch of glitter? Being a metallic color, silver goes well with many other colors. From pairing your silver shoes with a black dress for a dinner party to pairing them with denim, the versatility of a pair of silver sandals cannot be overemphasized. Shoes every girl needs.

#3. Nude pumps

Photo: @serwaaamihere / Instagram

This is the pumps you need to whip out when your black pumps decide that enough is enough. From pairing these with your work outfit to using them to upgrade your casual look to using them to amp up your more formal looks, you’ll always be thankful you have a pair of nude shoes. One thing to note is that there are many shades of nude available so be sure to pick a shade that matches your skin tone.

#4. A pair of white sneakers

Photo: @tokemakinwa / Instagram

Every woman sure needs a pair of sneakers in her closet whether for completing a certain look, for traveling, or for running errands. Having a pair of white sneakers that are as cool as they are comfy is non-negotiable. Just ask your favorite fashion influencers.

#5. PVC shoes

Photo: @mihlalii_n / Instagram

Cover Image: @tostos_ / Instagram

The best part about having a pair of these Cinderella-esque shoes lies in the fact they are colorless and this automatically means that they are the perfect statement pair to take any outfit to a whole new level.  Shoes every girl needs.

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