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See How LOLA OJ Achieves Her Flawless Skin Through Her Daily Routine

See How LOLA OJ Achieves Her Flawless Skin Through Her Daily Routine


Lawyer and Beauty Guru Lola Oj has become known for her flawless skin and stunning makeup looks. I often wonder how she manages to keep up her beautiful glow despite her busy schedule. The beauty guru has shared her daily skincare routine while emphasizing how important it is to look good every time with or without makeup.

Some days you just want to step out of your house with your bare face and still look stunning but your skin must be as healthy as possible before you can do that. Well, if you can use some good tips, Lola Oj has shared a video on how to achieve smooth, beautiful skin. The beauty entrepreneur also shares what works for her and how she applies them into her daily routine.

Product details:

Coco Honey Black Soap

Clinique Toner “Clarifying Lotion 3″

Coco Hydrating Face Cream

Lancome Juicy Shaker “Vanilla Pop”

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater

Watch the video here…


There you have what works for Lola. But like we always say, the key to any beauty routine is finding what works best for your own skin and sticking to it.
What works for you and how do you keep your skin flawless?

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