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All Round Beauty: How to Clean Your Hair Tools

All Round Beauty: How to Clean Your Hair Tools


Since your hair tools come in contact with your hair on a daily basis, it’s a no brainer that over time, these brushes, combs, hair clips, etc will collect a buildup of dead skin cells and dirt. Ironically even with all this much dirt collected by our favourite hair tools, we often tend to ignore them because we are too busy caring for our hair. We tend to forget the importance of taking proper care of these tools as simple as it is. Clean tools equal a healthy hair and dirty tools could lead to scalp irritations, dandruff and more.

Remember you hair is only as good clean as your tools, so here is a step by step tips on how you to regularly clean your hair tools at home.

1. REMOVE DEBRIS  Use a toothpick, a tail comb or your fingers depending on the size of the comb or brush to remove as much hair debris as possible from your tools. Doing this gets you ready for the next step.

2. SOAK  After removing all the debris, soak your tools for a few minutes in warm water with dish washing soap, bath gel or preferably shampoo to help soften and remove dirt, debris, and product buildup. Soaking your hair tools in mild soap like shampoo is advised against using detergents or any other strong solution.

3. USE A TOOTHBRUSH  After a few minutes have gone by, your tools would have soaked fine and the debris becomes easier to remove, use a toothbrush (for combs) and a Q-tip/cotton bud (for brushes) to clean the remaining debris from the tools. Rinse when finished.


4. DRY YOUR TOOLS  Preferably, air dry your tools. However, if you are pressed for time, use a cloth or paper towels to dry your tools or use a blow-dryer to expedite the process. When air drying brushes make sure to lay the bristles downward on a towel to prevent the water from sitting in the bristles. This helps prevent the water from loosening the bristles and housing bacteria.


These obviously do not apply to electrical tools or equipment such as blow dryers and hair straighteners. Also if your hair tools are wooden, it’s best to avoid soaking them for long periods of time to prevent irreparable damage.


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