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7 SR-Approved Rooftop Bars In Lagos

7 SR-Approved Rooftop Bars In Lagos


The word “vibrant” wouldn’t cut it for the city of Lagos, which is reputable for its electrifying social life. The city that never sleeps as Lagos is fondly called harbours some of the best rooftop bars on this side of the Atlantic. Little wonder it is called the city of excellence. Rooftop bars and restaurants are springing up all over the city with beautiful aesthetics and matching menus to drool over.

There is something about rooftop bars in Lagos; could it be the feeling of being far away from all the chaos below or just the feel of drinking and dining close to the clouds? Maybe it has to do with the enchanting views of the city.

What we know for sure is that there’s only one thing to do when the heat and humidity hit hard on an evening in Lagos. Our advice? Find a rooftop bar and sip on your favourite cocktail.

So pick up your wallets, choose your best Instagram filter and take the elevators to the top floor as we have rounded up a few of our favourite rooftop bars in Lagos just for you…

1. The office rooftop bar

rooftop bars in lagos

Having well-seasoned dodo and snail while sipping on choicest cocktails anywhere in Lagos is delightful but doing it from the Office rooftop is truly magical. This bar is located on the 2nd floor of the Four Points by Sheraton Lagos hotel in the heart of Victoria Island. The mood is always set right with their skilful live band and this is just the right spot to spend your Friday and Saturday evenings.

2. The View Rooftop bar

The densely populated city of Lasgidi has nothing on this bar, it comes with such serenity you could meditate as would in a monastery, that may be a bit of an exaggeration but it really comes close. This bar is located at Twin waters and without a drone you could have a dreamy view of the city. As expected of a high scale lounge, the management is extremely particular about dressing. So if you’re heading from the gym or your style inspo was from Kanye West, you might have to choose another day to visit. Don’t let that deter you for they have one of the best finger bites around.

3. Lagos Continental Hotel


If you’re looking for a rooftop bar in Lagos with international standards where you will be treated like royalty, this is a spot that comes to mind. It has an eye-catching rooftop pool bar on the 5th floor and nothing beats sipping on a long island tea by the poolside while taking in the cool view of the lagoon. The hotel towers above most of the structures in the vicinity so, If you’re scared of heights, you might want to sit this one out, it is the tallest hospitality building in Nigeria and we won’t be surprised if you let vertigo grab hold of you — but as they say “the higher, the better the view”, although there is an elevator so you don’t have to bother about tiring out from using the stairs. The skyline view is exceptional as it offers a facade of being within reach. A great place to unwind after a day’s job and the WiFi here is rocket speed.

4. The Autobiography

rooftop bars in lagos

This is an African themed lounge situated at Sangotedo, Ajah beside Novare Mall. Once art discussions are over you can get thinking about what to order, from a classic cocktail to lunch/dinner. The overall vibe is urban, upbeat and sophisticated, with the bar offering different genres of music on special occasions like karaoke night every Thursday, House music X drum infusion on Saturdays and Sunday brunch for the Fam.

5. Rhapsody’s Ikeja

Ikeja city mall takes a different shape at night, where the shoppers go home and the party begins. The live band would make you lose track of time as you sip and sing along. This spot boosts the nightlife of the city and it is arguably one of the coolest rooftop bars in Lagos mainland.

6. The atmosphere rooftop

This entrance of this spot is dotted with plants so you feel like you’re in a modern sky-high garden. There is a high chance of bumping into your favourite celebrity. Be selfie-ready for this spot is Instagram-worthy. If you’re a sports lover, this could double as a viewing centre and a perfect spot to relax with your favourite drink, how best do we explain the large LED screen? We recommend you visit in the evenings, to avoid the scorching sun and with enough daylight for that selfie.

7. Rue 80

rooftop bars in lagos

This bar is at the rooftop of Maison Fahrenheit Hotel, open 12:00 pm-4: 00 am daily. Asides the calming aura of the place, the Atlantic ocean serves as a lovely framework and they offer unique and exclusive cocktails. Don’t just take our word for it, try out the Maison special cocktail and unfailingly, their Mexican burger. The music is just right, especially on the weekends.

Tip: Don’t be so late, the parking space seems to be full during weekends (evenings).

Whether it’s a sky-high venue with stunning vistas or a cosy low-slung rooftop gem, dress codes vary by location, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Think “smart casual” and avoid looking like you just arrived from a gym party or you might find yourself sitting at the security post down at street level, phoning your friends and begging them to come down and join you at the beer parlour across the street. So dress appropriately, beat the traffic to catch enthralling sunset views and while your time away through breezy evenings at these amazing rooftop bars in Lagos.

We might have left out your favourite rooftop spots. Feel free to mention them in the comment section. roof top restaurants

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