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All You Need To Know About Rihanna’s Latest Buzz: Fenty Hair (But Don’t Forget Fenty Beauty)

All You Need To Know About Rihanna’s Latest Buzz: Fenty Hair (But Don’t Forget Fenty Beauty)


The beauty world is abuzz with anticipation! Gone are the days when Rihanna was solely known as a chart-topping singer. In 2024, Rihanna the entrepreneur, reigns supreme, and her latest venture, “Fenty Hair,” has everyone on the edge of their seats. While details are still under wraps, the announcement has sent shockwaves through the industry, promising a revolutionary addition to Rihanna’s ever-expanding beauty empire.

As of the time of this article, the new Fenty Hair page has a total of 52,000 followers, and the post has 745,689 likes and is still counting.
But before we delve into the mysteries of Fenty Hair, let’s not forget the brand that started it all—Fenty Beauty.

Fenty Beauty: A Legacy of Inclusivity and Innovation

Rihanna's Fenty Beauty
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In 2017, Fenty Beauty launched with a bang, shattering the makeup industry with its groundbreaking foundation range. Offering a staggering 40 shades at launch, Fenty Beauty addressed the long-standing problem of limited shade options for diverse skin tones. This commitment to inclusivity became the brand’s defining characteristic, resonating with a global audience eager to see themselves represented in the beauty world.

But Fenty Beauty wasn’t just about foundation. Rihanna, with her signature bold style and undeniable influence, ensured the brand offered a wide range of high-quality makeup products suitable for all skin types and makeup preferences. From the iconic Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter with its range of shades and finishes to the universally flattering Gloss Bomb lip gloss, Fenty Beauty quickly became a go-to brand for beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

The Rise of Celebrity Beauty Brands: A Trend Fueled by Rihanna’s Success

Hailey Bieber's beauty brand
Photo: @rhode/Instagram

Rihanna’s groundbreaking success with Fenty Beauty has undoubtedly paved the way for a wave of new celebrity beauty brands. Today, in 2024, the beauty aisle features an impressive lineup co-created by some of the biggest names in entertainment. From Hailey Bieber’s Rhode Skin Kit, offering trendy beauty kits, to Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty, focusing on clean and natural makeup, these celebrity brands cater to diverse consumer preferences, further personalizing the beauty experience.

The Intrigue of Fenty Hair: What Can We Expect?

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The brand’s launch strategy seems to leverage Rihanna’s massive social media presence, as well as the cult-like following of her previous ventures. While specifics about Fenty Hair remain a closely guarded secret, the announcement has sparked a firestorm of speculation on social media. Beauty enthusiasts are buzzing with theories, from luxurious hair masks and nourishing conditioners to innovative styling tools and trendsetting hair color lines. One thing is certain: with Rihanna’s reputation for inclusivity and an unwavering focus on quality, Fenty Hair is poised to disrupt the hair care industry just as Fenty Beauty did for makeup. Industry experts predict that the brand’s debut could potentially redefine hair care standards, emphasizing diversity and catering to a wide range of hair types and textures.

A Look at Potential Products under the Fenty Hair Umbrella

Photo: @badgalriri/Instagram Fenty Hair Launch

Given Rihanna’s knack for identifying gaps in the market and her commitment to catering to a diverse audience, we can make some educated guesses about the potential offerings under the Fenty Hair umbrella. Here’s a breakdown of possible product categories:

Hair Care: This could encompass a comprehensive range of shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks formulated for various hair types and textures. Expect innovative formulas that address common concerns like dryness, frizz, and damage while celebrating natural textures and promoting healthy hair growth.

Styling Products: From heat protectants and styling creams to mousses and gels, Fenty Hair offers a complete arsenal of tools for creating a variety of hairstyles. Inclusivity will likely be a key focus, with products catering to straight, curly, and relaxed hair textures.

Hair Color: Given Rihanna’s love for bold experimentation, a revolutionary hair color line wouldn’t be a surprise. Imagine vibrant semi-permanent dyes, nourishing hair color treatments, and bleach kits formulated for minimal damage—all catering to a diverse range of hair tones and preferences.

Hair Accessories: Hair accessories might seem like a small detail, but they can elevate any hairstyle. Think trendy headbands, stylish clips, and innovative hair ties that minimize breakage, all designed with Fenty’s signature flair.

The Power of Social Media: Building Anticipation for Fenty Hair

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The power of social media has been instrumental in the success of Fenty Beauty, and we can expect Fenty Hair to follow suit. Teasing glimpses of product packaging, behind-the-scenes glimpses of product development, and collaborations with hairstylists will likely keep fans engaged and hungry for more. This social media buzz builds anticipation for the launch and fosters a sense of community. Fans can share their hair journeys, ask questions, and connect with other Fenty Hair enthusiasts, further solidifying the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and building a loyal following.

A Reflection of Rihanna’s Personal Style: A Celebration of Diversity


Knowing Rihanna’s personal style, a vibrant blend of boldness, confidence, and a touch of rebellion—we can expect Fenty Hair to reflect that essence. The brand will likely celebrate diverse hair textures and styles, encouraging self-expression and individuality. Imagine campaigns featuring a kaleidoscope of models with natural curls, flowing waves, sleek straight tresses, and vibrant colors—all showcasing the versatility and inclusivity of the Fenty Hairline.

The Impact of Fenty Hair: Beyond Products and Profits

Rihanna's Style
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The launch of Fenty Hair is more than just a new product line; it’s a cultural moment. It’s about creating a holistic hair care experience. With this new endeavor, Rihanna continues to redefine beauty standards and empower individuals to embrace their unique features. By offering high-quality, inclusive hair care products, Fenty Hair has the potential to reshape the hair care industry, making it more diverse and representative of the world we live in.

We can expect educational content from hairstylists on how to use the products effectively for different hair types. Imagine online tutorials showcasing various hairstyles achievable with Fenty Hair products, empowering individuals to embrace their natural texture or experiment with bold new looks. This, in turn, can inspire a generation to celebrate their natural beauty and challenge unrealistic beauty ideals.

The Future of Fenty: A Continuous Evolution

Photo: @fentybeautyATTN/Instagram

With the launch of Fenty Hair, Rihanna continues to solidify her position as a beauty mogul and a powerful force for change in the industry. Her unwavering commitment to inclusivity and quality ensures that Fenty Beauty and Hair will be a must-have brand for years to come. The future of Fenty is undoubtedly bright, brimming with possibilities. We can’t wait to see what innovative products and empowering messages Rihanna unveils next, forever pushing the boundaries of the beauty industry and inspiring a generation to embrace their unique beauty.

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