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Refresh Your Manicure With These Work Friendly Nail Designs

Refresh Your Manicure With These Work Friendly Nail Designs

Over the years nail art has continued to evolve, becoming a key asset for women who want to express their individuality and personal style through their nails. A beautiful manicure is an important component of every woman’s look, including working-class ladies. It helps them appear professional, neat and feminine if they so choose.

While bold nail designs are super cool, not all are suitable for professional environments as office dress codes often dictate work-appropriate nails. Some conservative offices might not even allow brightly coloured nail polish. However, if there are no rules and depending on your type of job, the onus is on you to pick your preferred office nails.


Whether you work in a strict environment or not, classic nude – pink or peachy – colours are always a great choice for an office look. Red-tones, greys and light purples also work for the office. You can always throw in some shimmer, glitter and adornments as long as you keep the designs simple.

Get ready to book your next manicure because these office-friendly nail inspirations are going to make you want a new manicure.

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