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PRIYANKA CHOPRA Has A Knack For Pulling Off The Most Ultra-Chic Styles You’ve Ever Seen

PRIYANKA CHOPRA Has A Knack For Pulling Off The Most Ultra-Chic Styles You’ve Ever Seen

Priyanka Chopra‘s street style look is underrated! The fashion forward actress knows a thing or more about taking her business casual styles to the next level, especially when she’s hitting the sidewalk. Whether she’s heading to a meeting or perhaps a shoot or simply walking down the street, it is obvious that pulling together a neck-turning look isn’t her problem.

We recently rekindled our love for watching the actress when she walked out in a Dion Lee lingerie blazer dress with cut out detailing over the breast line. This look was previously spotted on the runway and many wondered how it would be styled in real time.

Well, there’s no need wondering anymore as the Priyanka has channeled her ultra glam chic power to slay this one. The plunging neckline gives the dress an extra oomph of sexiness and the white shoes with matching white bag were the icing on the cake needed to bring the look together, perfectly.

From India to America and the world in between, the star actress is one of the few people that can single-handedly make something a fad. You could say she is somewhat of an experimental fashion lover as her fashion choices varies depending on the time or day. Many times, we’ve caught the actress looking like the million bucks she literally is: from her Vivienne Westwood violet dress look to her yellow Ganni crop-sweater look, Priyanka Chopra knows how to grab our attention and we’re totally here for it!

Here are 5 of our favourite Priyanka Chopra looks (+ the one above)…

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