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5 Piping Hot Hair Colors You Need To Try Out Before 2021 Is Over

5 Piping Hot Hair Colors You Need To Try Out Before 2021 Is Over


Since spending a significant portion of the year surviving on at-home DIY hair videos, we have grown a deep gratitude for wigs and the internet. Now that the doors are finally beginning to open and we can step out again, I bet now is a good time to try those popular hair colors you were unable to attempt during your at-home DIY moments. From bold and bright hair colors to safe and more traditional looks, black women are having some hair fun in 2021.

These piping hot color trends are here to stay for the remainder of 2021, so you can fearlessly go all out in rocking these tints like a hair goddess. After all, a little hair loving did no one any harm.

These are the popular hot hair colors for black women in 2021…

#1. Red velvet

When we think of red velvet, a delicious cake comes to mind and this little-mermaid inspired hair color is nothing short of yummy. If you are going for a fierce and edgy look, this is your spice. 

#2. Two-toned hair

A rave-worthy girl (like yourself) + a two-tone colored hair = hairgasm! For maximum effect, allow for an obvious contrast. For example, black roots and blonde ends are a sight to behold.

#3. Pink

Pink is a bold yet feminine color and also one of the popular hair colors for 2021, especially on a day when you feel the need to make a statement. Go on sista, channel your inner Lava Girl.

#4. Platinum blonde

Platinum blonde is big right now and for obvious reasons. Peep this hair color under sunlight or a well lighted up room and with the right camera angle, a picture-perfect moment is all that awaits.

#5. Black

Black seems obvious but that’s not really the case. For a while, this inky shade took a back seat as other colors played center stage. Right now, individuals are taking the black hair route again and we’re here for all of it. For us, it’s the sophisticated aura this color gives and it’s no surprise that black is one of the hot hair colors of 2021.

Featured image: Instagram | Styledbychi

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