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“Please Take Charge!” – An Open Letter to President Buhari from the Desk of Charly Boy

“Please Take Charge!” – An Open Letter to President Buhari from the Desk of Charly Boy

Never one to hoard words, controversial musician Charly Boy has called on President Buhari to “take charge” of the current fuel crisis and askes naysayers to hands off criticizing NNPC boss Dr. Ibe Kachikwu.


He wrote:

“My dear Presido,

Please tell all them brown nosed praise singers, called politicians to hands off meddling and interrupting the flow of our Honorable Minister of Petroleum. Dr Ibe Kachikwu. We are all aware of the plots, nonsensical, local and ethnic intrigues called politics being thrown up to tamper with IbeKachikwu’s position. I warn that a stop must be put to this. We all know that corruption is fighting back the war against corruption. With the changes I have seen in NNPC and my personal interaction with this outstanding Nigerian of great repute, a humble, brilliant, intelligent and an outstanding scholar; one of the few patriots in your cabinet, it will be a disaster if we lose him. You know this is no lie.

While I don’t want to tow the line of ethnic or tribal propaganda, those claiming that this call for Kachikwu’s sack is entirely an ethnic proclivity may not be far from the truth, going by precedence we all know. At this stage and age of our democracy, such childish tendencies and immaturity ought to be dealt away with, if we all truly hold the interest of this nation dear. These useless yahoo yahoo leaders should desist from their frivolous, devisive, tribal, and ethnic politics and allow him do his job basically.

As a result of corruption, we have found round pegs in square holes; because of corruption, thieves and criminals took over leadership and because of corruption, our economy is in this mess. Even with your fight Sai Baba, you can see that winning the battle against corruption is not an easy one; it is worse than BokoHaram.

It is clear that most of the people responsible for our economic woes are fighting back, not knowing what you may do next. In my opinion, this is one of the ways they’re putting up the fight: they want to rid your government of the few who can make visible impact in a system that has hitherto been jeopardized.

These unscrupulous elements must not be allowed to find you predictable, they must not be able to hold you hostage in your own administration, they must not turn you to a mere stooge as it was the case in Nigeria in not too distant past. You no be zombie.

Let those who know the job be allowed to do it or else, I will be forced to mobilize 2,000,000 protesters to march against this useless agitation.

Enough is enough, you are the President, please take charge.

What you decide to do next will determine, to a great extent, how this Naija ship is steered.

We are all watching, and waiting.

Thank you Your Excellency, for reading.

Best Regards,

Charles ‘CharlyBoy’ Oputa.”

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