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How to Pick The Right Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone! | Photo Book

How to Pick The Right Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone! | Photo Book

I‘ve been fascinated with the “red lippy” for a while now but there is always the constant struggle to find the shade of red for my lip type. It’s never been easy for me since am a certain skin tone which translates to the fact that many shades of red lipstick just don’t work for me.

This struggle I believe is faced by many black women and it doesn’t help that the red lipstick is always associated with having fun; this association does something to us mentally because we too want to have fun in a cute dress with complimenting red lips. In truth, the red lipstick makes us confident and there is no denying that a swipe elevates any outfit so how do you find the perfect match?

Red lipsticks come in various hues and shades. Some are orangey, others have golden tones while others are simply blood red! All you need to do is find the right shade for your skin tone and you’ll be ready to conquer the world.

Style Rave is committed to helping you find your go-to red lipstick… Go through the photo book to discover what red hue would be the right shade for your unique skin tone.

Jackie Aina: Chestnut lipliner & Ruby Woo – MAC cosmetics
@Jackie Aina
Candy Coated Closet: Ruby Woo – MAC cosmetics
@candy coated closet
Tasha Makeup: Elf-Black pencil & Sephora Read Velvet Cream Lip-stain no 1
@Tasha Makeup
Kimberly Rose: Mofe Lip Liner *Red* & L’oreal Pro Gloss *Caramel Solo*
@Rose Kimberly
Shana Moore: Dose of Colour Lips Gloss Swatches – Burning Love (Red)
@Shana Moore
Theycallme_Mo: MAC Currant Lip Liner + Dose of Colors Black Rose liquid lipstick

Source: YouTube

From the above photobook, you can easily find the shade of red lipstick that works best for you based on which model/beauty expert shares your skin tone and colour.

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