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Outline Nails Is The Manicure Trend Are One of 2020’s Best Nail Trends

Outline Nails Is The Manicure Trend Are One of 2020’s Best Nail Trends


From neon nails to cloud nails and now outline nails, our nail technicians keep getting more and more creative with our digits. The outline nail art is one of the nail trends we have been seeing a lot of in recent months and it is pacing up to become one of the biggest nail trends of 2020.

This nail art is pretty, simple, and classy and can be worn on both long and short nails. The design is achieved by tracing a contrasting nail polish color along the outer edges of already polished nails. Per the description, it requires two different nail polishes; a base color and another shade used for the outline.


You can go bold or go subtle with your outline nails. So if you are a minimalist kind of girl or the babe who loves a standout nail design, there’s an outline nail design for you.

If you are looking to create the outline nail look at home, all you need is two colors of choice and steady fingers or a lining tool and you are on your way to drawing attention to your nails.

We’ve curated 11 of the prettiest outline nail ideas to inspire you…



For the DIY queens, Vlogger Nailed by Mone has a detailed tutorial to guide you through.

Watch how to do outline nail manicure here…

Photo Credit: Instagram | As Captioned Outline nail ideas

Updated. Originally published March 7, 2020.

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