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Outfit Too Big? Fashion Says Roll With It

Outfit Too Big? Fashion Says Roll With It

I f you have been paying attention lately, you would notice that things are getting slightly baggier and bigger in the fashion department. If this is an indication of a new street style, then goodbye to sexy fitted dresses and skinny jeans. From oversized pants to oversized jackets, fashion’s most adventurous stars are going XL on whatever items they can lay their hands on.

If you’re a newbie to this trend, at first, you might not find it comfy to rock these looks and they may seem awkward, but keep an open mind and try one oversized piece at a time. Take a break from your regular outfits and give your body (especially, your legs) some breathing room.

Here’s how to (slay) rock and roll in those extra sewn outfits:

Over-sized pants

Black skinnies could have been lit, but a red oversized pant is so much fun. Have fun playing up this outfit with a long sleeved printed jacket in the same hue for a perfect matching look, then give yourself some height with a classic pump.

Over-sized Suits

One cool thing about an oversized suit still remains that you don’t really need that model height to pull it off.  A suit with crop pants is just perfect for short girls as taller girls can easily have their way with longer lengths. As long as you’re not swimming in the fabric from top to bottom and not giving everyone the impression that you are putting on your mama’s pyjamas, you’re ready to rock and roll.

Over-sized Polos

The big polo look seems hard to pull off unless you have the confidence of a rapper. Baggy polos are edgy, athleisure-oriented, and play into the ironic “dad” trends fashion seems to be adopting. These polos fit perfectly with fitted pants or skirts and look better in bright colours.

Over-sized Blazers

Without the boxy, over-sized blazers with their protruding shoulder pads, the ‘80s wouldn’t have been the ‘80s (these were essentials for the bold women of that time). With these blazers being the face of various fashion weeks, we can say that they have successfully made a major comeback. They fit perfectly with any other outfit and present a classy appearance on you. So, whenever you find a blazer at your favourite fashion store or wardrobe and feel bummed that it’s too big, consider that to be a good thing.

Hey, fashionista! Don’t feel too weird or uncomfortable when next you spot that oversized piece in your wardrobe. Ensure you get to flaunt your street-style confidently with ease and don’t forget to share your slaying experience with other readers in the comment box below.

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