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Nollywood Star Mbong Amata is the Reigning Queen of Natural Hairstyles | Afro Hair Inspiration

Nollywood Star Mbong Amata is the Reigning Queen of Natural Hairstyles | Afro Hair Inspiration

Mbong Amata Natural Hair

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Is she done rocking Nollywood yet? No. Matter of fact, The M-Show with Mbong is Mbong Amata‘s latest addition to her numerous screen-diva roles. A fascinating charcteristic of Mbong is how she takes her acting/TV career so seriously. She once confessed, “Only certain dreams can make you show up to work…” She is “Powered by God”, as she puts it. But what’s got Mbong on our radar this time is not her acting skills but her ongoing affair with natural and afro-inspired hairstyles. Why call it an affair? Because she’s been spotted flirting with weaves and wigs on more than one occasion. That not withstanding, in the last couple of months Mbong has embraced the afro and natural hair-inspired look so much so that we have crowned her the Style Rave ‘Queen of Natural Hair’. From afro braids to cornrows to flaunting her own full head of hair, we couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous and refreshed she looks with her new hairdos.

From thick, dark-colored fros to afro punk mohawk, Mbong keeps serving fun and sassy hair styling justice, inspiring other afro hair faithfuls in the process. She’s recently been spotted with a cute bun, neat rows, locks and other funky looks. So if you’re ever at a loss on how to style your afro or natural hair-inspired hairstyles, look no further as Mbong is your go-to icon.

We bring you the best of Mbong Amata’s natural hair servings so that you too can savour the look!

Mbong Amata

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mbong amata

mbong upfront


mbong amata

Mbong Amata

mbong amata

mbong amata natural hair



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Admirers have been pretty curious but Mbong has remained mum on questions like ‘what is your hair-secret?’. Hopefully she would join the likes of colleagues Omoni Oboli and Pearl Thusi to offer natural hair solutions to those who wish to embark on the journey…just saying.

Credit: instagram via @mbongamata


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