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Neon Makeup: The Latest Trend Top Celebrities Are Rocking

Neon Makeup: The Latest Trend Top Celebrities Are Rocking


Neon is one trend that has dominated the first half 2019, from the fashion world to manicure and now it has found its way to the makeup world. The trend, which first emerged on major fashion runways in 2018 has strategically made its way into the streets and celebrities and makeup enthusiasts are already showing their love for the look.

The neon makeup trend is a fun look which involves the use of vivid coloured eyeshadows – like green, yellow, pink and orange – to add a pop of colour to the eyes in varying amounts. As much as we love to wear subtle or glam makeup looks we definitely cannot deny that vibrant colours are cool to experiment with.

Kendal Jenner

The neon makeup look is flexible as you can choose to rock neon mascara, neon cat eye liner, neon eye shadow or heck, neon lipstick! Whatever way you choose, this look can add a bright touch to your entire look, especially for a weekend or night time ensemble.

If you are ready to get in on the neon makeup trend but don’t know where to start, we have enough inspiration from our favourite celebrities and makeup artists to get you started.

Check out how celebrities and influencers are rocking the neon makeup look…

Kylie Jenner

Tracee Ellis Ross
Sarah Broyhill
Danessa Myricks
Nafisa Abshir
Kendall Jenner

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