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All You Need to Know About Wigs & How to Style Them Flawlessly | SR Beauty

All You Need to Know About Wigs & How to Style Them Flawlessly | SR Beauty

Recently, there has been a newfound craving for wigs and the beauty world can’t even hide it anymore. Everyone (and their mommas) is rocking a wig, including all your favorite celebrities because “ain’t no shame in the wig game”.

Talking about our mommas, when they rocked wigs back in the day, it was blatantly obvious to all that they had something bulky above their scalp.  Wigs were the complete opposite of the “natural” look and most people including a few women and most men loathed them.  In contrast, today wigs are more popular than ever, which is probably the reason why Kylie Jenner thinks she invented them (rolls eyes).

Women love them and most men can’t tell the difference between wigs and weaves because they’ve become so natural-looking with way more customization. So, if you’ve been contemplating getting a wig recently, here’s a few things you should know about wig.:

There are 3 types:

U-Part Wigs

With the U part all of the hair is braided down, except a little leave out that creates a U part.  It allows you to incorporate some of your real hair by leaving it out, hence making you feel comfortable using your own natural hairline and scalp.

Lace Frontal Closure Wigs

Lace frontals or closures are strands of hair tied into a very thin and fine lace to mimic a natural hairline.  You can customize your hairline of your lace frontal through a “tweezing” process, that creates a more natural look.  This is the go-to option for the woman who wants to add length, volume or try a different color without leaving any of it out.

Full Lace Wigs

With full lace wigs, the lace from the front is the base for the entire wig.  The full lace is perfect for women who want a more versatile wig option and plans on doing a lot with her wig – wearing it half up, half down, ponytails, plus more – and the full lace lets you do all that.

You can style them using the following tips:

 1: Style your wig when it’s completely dry. The weight of water can stretch the wig fibers, as well as straighten curl and ruin the curl/style pattern. Make sure you leave time for your wig to dry after washing.

2: Take advantage of wig styling tools, such as a ‘styling head’. When you use this accessory, you can easily see all sides of the wig. This is especially helpful if you have difficulty reaching up or to the back to comb your wig.

3: Brush your wig to wake up the fibers. Styling begins with proper brushing. For synthetic wig fibers, a stainless steel wig brush is recommended. For Human Hair wigs, a boar bristle brush is recommended.

4: Don’t comb the mesh at the base of the wig as this could cause damage to the wig construction.

5: Remove tangles first starting at the bottom and working your way up to prevent breakage.

6: Keep your style in place using wig styling products like hair sprays, bobby pins

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