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5 Stunning And Easy Natural Hairstyle Ideas For The Lazy Naturalistas

5 Stunning And Easy Natural Hairstyle Ideas For The Lazy Naturalistas


Natural hair is not a trend. It’s a part of who we are as Black women, and thanks to it, many others are beginning to embrace their ‘roots‘. However, with the new embrace comes the problem of styling. Kinky hair sure does have a mind of its own and most of the time, it needs to be held in place. Considering that every problem has a solution, it is therefore no surprise the number of natural hairstyle inspirations coming to light with each passing day. These hairstyles are stunning, amazing and every naturalista should try them out at least once. Natural hairstyle ideas.

If you are looking to spice up your hair game but you don’t have the time and patience for the work that comes with natural hair, we have curated this list of easy hairstyles you can get done in no time. That is to say that even if you’re running late for work, these styles are quick enough to put together to elevate your look and still meet the bus (or cab) just in time. With only a few things in hand such as bobby pins and hair elastics, you can put any look together for yourself. So, get your thick, kinky, glorious hair ready, this one is for you. Natural hairstyle ideas.

Check out 5 stunning and easy hairstyles for naturalistas…

#1. The double bun

The double bun style is easy to achieve. All you need to do is part your hair down in the middle and gather each side into ponytails. Next, wrap your hair around at the base of each and secure with bobby pins. Finally, use a gel to tame baby hairs. Don’t forget to comb out the ponytail for that extra volume.

#2. The head wrap

This hairstyle is easy, but makes you look like you put in more effort in styling. All you have to do is gather your hair into a ponytail and wrap a scarf around the base of your head. Next, tie the scarf at your forehead and wrap like a bun. Also, tuck in the ends neatly and you are ready to step out. Natural hairstyle ideas.

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#3. The curly faux updo

This is a perfect style for those sunny days where you don’t need any hair falling around your face and neck. Achieve this look by holding up your hair in the middle of your head and secure with an elastic. You can decide to add a bit of extension for more volume. For a sleeker finish, a gel can be used to hold loose hair in place.

#4. The half bun

This style became so popular in 2017 and this 2021, it’s still as trendy as ever. Also, it’s super simple to achieve, but no less glamorous. Cut out a section of your hair in the center and gather the top portion. Afterwards, twist and wrap the section into a bun. Don’t forget to use bobby pins to secure it in place. Finally, comb out the bottom half for volume and you’re good to go. Clip-ins can be added to achieve more volume. Natural hairstyle ideas.

#5. The faux side updo

This hairstyle is so girly and stunning, and you’ll feel like you’ve been awakened to a more intricate part of yourself. As every other style on this list, it’s easy and you can create it in a heartbeat. Simply hold your hair in a top bun gathering to the front center. Next, fasten in place using bobby pins and apply gel to hold edges in place. Finally, use your fingers gently pull out hair for some volume, otherwise, use hair extensions. Natural hairstyle ideas.

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