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Trending Styles: How to Nail the Sophisticated and Modern Head Wrap Look

Trending Styles: How to Nail the Sophisticated and Modern Head Wrap Look

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Head Wrap

Headwraps are confidently creeping into the modern woman’s style. They are gradually transcending the church flow and conservative settings and gaining grounds in more stylish and sophisticated gatherings.

The modern x sophisticated look has been known to mean the use of fabulous pieces and accessories like stilettos, platform pumps, structured dresses, neat pleats and the likes to create one of a kind high-end and contemporary looks. But sophisticated women are getting bored with the predictable norms and are now exploring more ways to add oomph and unique flavour to their looks. This has translated to using traditional and ethnic accessories while still maintaining a modern appeal and sophisticated taste. One of such ethnic accessories is the head wrap or turban which for ages has been a staple in the style of African, Middle Eastern and Arabic women. The head wrap is the modern woman’s latest must-have accessory. And no, it hasn’t doused her sophistication one bit. She is still confident and head-high!

The turbaned look has hovered in the office place; on foreign streets; in airports and everywhere else a fashionista can be spotted. It has also filled a void in the youthful space, appealing to young and vivacious women who are looking to infuse a bit of regality to spice up their usual looks.

Don’t be left out of this trend. Embrace the QUEEN in you and try out one of these looks.
Lupita Nyongo
Lupita Nyongo

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