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Naija Men, It’s Not Always About a Quick Fix: Must-Know Grooming Tips for Men

Naija Men, It’s Not Always About a Quick Fix: Must-Know Grooming Tips for Men

Actor Bryna Okwara always steps out looking prim and proper because he has mastered the art of looking good!

Naija men be like “I just gotta throw on a shirt and I am out”, or they be like “why do women have to spend forever in the bathroom?” Things like picking out the right cologne, visiting the barber often and having a nail-care routine are taken for granted among the majority of African men, including Nigerian men, because of the myth that these grooming routines take time and are ‘sissy’. But grooming is not an archaic thing nor is it a thing reserved for women as there’s never been a time it was unpopular for men to take their looks and hygiene seriously.

Men who achieve most of the coveted looks are the ones who take grooming seriously and it goes without saying that women adore such men. You know the good-looking guy who always dresses good, looks proper and smells nice? Well, he doesn’t just wake up like that. Nine out of ten guys who have the most coveted looks actually have a routine and so should you.

So what are the keys things to focus on when it comes to proper grooming?

It’s all about the Nitty-Gritties…


Nigerian fashion and style enthusiast Noble Igwe recently sent out a ‘smell-nice’ memo to Nigerian men, but I want to take it a step further. I think perfume is just the icing on the cake. Giving lavish attention to body hygiene- especially pores and pits and hygiene products is the root of it all. The smell of bodily fluids will not stop but long-lasting and perfumed hygiene products will help to stay fresh all day. Use a great deodorant, you should you know that how you smell greatly impacts how people view you. Do some research and find out the best products for every part of your body.

Perfect It…

perfect it

No loose ends.  Figure out the hair-cut that suits your face type best, take foot-care seriously – nothing turns a woman off more than a man with ugly unkempt feet and toe nails, take care of off-the-hook hairstrands, moisturize often and use the right hair-care products.

The Bottom Line…


Ever watched a movie and wished you were ‘Alex Ekubo’ or ‘Bryan Okwara’? Well these guys do not just happen in movies, they are everyday guys too and you could be just like them. It’s all about a proper maintenance culture and owning the look.

  • Freshen up often!
  • Get the right fitting/tailoring for your clothes!
  • Be aware of the air around you and do a good job at serving it!

Find time for these on your calendar and watch yourself transform. Remember people don’t only address you based on how you dress per the clothing, they also do so based on how groomed you look. Your outward appearance is the packaging for your personal brand….so make sure it’s respectable.

Photo credit: Getty Images, IG | Bryan Okwara

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