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Men Style Tips: Using “Shirt Garters” to Keep Your Shirt in Place All Day!

Men Style Tips: Using “Shirt Garters” to Keep Your Shirt in Place All Day!

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Nigerian designer Lolu strolls with a pal as the two look flawless in their prim & proper attire. Notice how their shirts lay comfortably close to their bodies.

I can’t count how many times I have seen a man in public struggling to keep his shirt in place; constantly tucking it back into his trouser as though the shirt was a prodigal son looking for a way out. Guys, if you’re one of the many men who’ve faced this issue with no help in sight, there’s a little known accessory that’s totally going to positively disrupt your life and your style game.

‘Shirt Garters/Stays are a game-changing product, which work by comfortably attaching your shirt to your socks with adjustable elastic braces. Hidden beneath your trousers, they make sure that your socks will never slip down and – most importantly – your shirt will stay tucked in the whole day long.’

Check out these video guides specially curated to help rescue you from rebellious collar shirts.

Guide 1


Guide 2

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