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Makeup Dos And Don’ts For Beginners By Dimma Umeh | SR Beauty

Makeup Dos And Don’ts For Beginners By Dimma Umeh | SR Beauty

Everyday makeup is all about sticking to the “less is more” motto. I always say there are no rules in makeup, and while I don’t believe in rules, I definitely believe in guidelines. So many of us have experimented with our makeup in a way that leaves us looking overdone, cakey, orange or washed out. If you wear makeup every day, I bet you’ve scoured the internet for blogs and websites offering makeup tips.

From wearing the wrong shade of foundation to forgetting to moisturise daily, many women are still making cringe-worthy mistakes with their makeup. You’re smart, talented and going places fast, sister. So don’t let overdone makeup looks be a distraction. Our advice is to stick with products that match and enhance your natural features, rather than trying to change things.

Top beauty vlogger Dimma Umeh has shared some beginner friendly makeup guidelines for women of colour.

Watch Dimma’s Dos and Don’ts…

Which of these makeup don’ts do you currently do?

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