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Life in Lagos: In Gidi, It’s Move it! Move it! and Love it! | Must-Know Survival Tips

Life in Lagos: In Gidi, It’s Move it! Move it! and Love it! | Must-Know Survival Tips

Lagos Lifestyle

Lagos Lifestyle

“I initially came to Lagos to do my IT, but went back ‘cos I couldn’t cope with the hurry-lifestyle” – said a Newbie in Lagos

“I have always wondered, why it is that everybody’s pace is fast here”  A Lagos first timer observes

‘Gidi’, as it is fondly called, is always on-the-move! People move Fast – with a capital F and Lagos never sleeps. Lagos is competitive – almost as much as the Olympics is. Oh yes! Lagos is an early riser too so this is not your city if you are not a morning person.

Don’t bother about trying to wrap your head around this. A Lagosian who has mastered this city knows just how to have a pretty smooth day without being bothered about all the drama that makes Lagos, Lagos. You just have to allow time and experience teach you how to live the Lagos dream without getting bugged down by all the stumbling blocks in this concrete jungle. Until then, here are key tips you need to survive in Gidi:

Don’t Be a Drama Queen/King

Lol, right? It’s very true, you’ll need to step away from the drama. There is a tendency to be exasperated at even the thought of driving/sitting through insane traffic, so have a cool-it-off strategy. Like be in the company of your favourite stuff (to keep yourself company) and don’t cross the road without using the pedestrian bridge to avoid getting in trouble with KAI (the law enforcement guys). Sometimes even when we avoid all the drama we can, it still shows up but you must learn to always keep your calm to avoid attracting even more drama. Your inner peace will keep you refreshed, unstressed and constantly revitalized.

Love the City
I love lagos

“I love the city, and the city loves me right back, cos I love it.” Find joy even in the annoying things that you observe. One of my friends who’s since moved out once mentioned how she missed riding buses in Lagos and I found that to be really funny. She insisted she loved hearing the conductors cuss in their native dialect. If you keep feeling like a visitor in the city, you may never adapt to it, and you will therefore have difficulties living there.

What is Your Personal Therapy?

The truth is drama! drama!! drama!!! is draining. So what are you doing in your little world in terms of therapy to keep sane? I usually have an ‘ice cream and friends’ therapy during weekends – something to look forward to asides from the bustle culture.

Juggle as a Way of Life

The thing is, Lagos is going to kick your butt if you are not good with multitasking. Think reading on a ride home, or eating in between work. You may not be able to stop time to do these things one after the other but you can still meet up with your goals if you learn to juggle effectively.

I hope this was helpful especially for a Gidi-firstimer. I trust that you will perfect the gidi-living very soon as you try out the tips above. I promise you, Lagos-life doesn’t leave you the same, it leaves you smarter and stronger. Let’s share some of our Lagos awkward moments in the comments box below.


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