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Latest Makeup Tips: Applying Powder Before Foundation Helps Your Makeup Last Longer | By Dimma Umeh

Latest Makeup Tips: Applying Powder Before Foundation Helps Your Makeup Last Longer | By Dimma Umeh

I am not a makeup guru but I have read enough articles on makeup to know that there is a drill when it comes to applying foundation and powder. The drill simply states – liquid then powder and never the reverse. So when I first stumbled on a video of the famous Makeup Artist Wayne Goss saying to do the reverse, I thought to myself – there is NO way that this will work.

I quickly went in search of Nigerians who have tried this out and came across Dimma Umeh‘s video where she testifies that this makeup method truly works. 4 hours after her makeup and her skin was still feeling matte without any touch-up.

I can’t keep a good thing from our Style Ravens so I’ve summarized Wayne Goss’ tips to get you started on this new trend. Also, see a video of Dimma getting her face beat on using this reverse method.

Steps to follow according to Wayne

Prep the skin: Start prepping the skin with a bit of moisturizer. If you’re a dry skinned girl, it is best to exfoliate, then moisturize.

Prime the skin: Use any primer that works best for you.

Powder the skin: Here is where the routine changes from the usual! This tip literally helps the skin hold foundation longer, helps fill in some fine lines and pores all the while helping the skin look ‘like your skin but better’.

Follow with Foundation: Now it is time to go in with whatever your desired foundation is. Whether it is a cream, liquid, tinted moisturizer, or mineral based foundation apply to the skin with your hands, a brush, a beauty blender or silicone makeup sponge – my favourite way.

Follow with Powder: For dry skinned beauties you don’t have to follow back over with a powder, while anyone with combination or oily skin can take a second to go over the skin with a swift light dusting of powder on the areas that you tend to get shine throughout the day.

Literally that mid-day disappearing foundation act will be a thing of the past. Shiny t-zone it is time to say goodbye! Time to say goodbye to shine, our relationship is over!

Watch Dimma’s Makeup tutorial with this technique

Have you tried this technique? Did it work for you? As for me, I can’t wait for my next social outing to try this out!

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