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The Best Beauty Looks Of The Week, From Lagos To Los Angeles

The Best Beauty Looks Of The Week, From Lagos To Los Angeles

best holiday looks for thanksgiving and Christmas black women dark skin makeup and hairstyles

Is it starting to feel like Christmas yet? Okay, it’s definitely feeling a lot like thanksgiving though, and regardless of how tough 2020 has been, one thing is for sure, we all have something to be thankful for. Last week, these beauty looks put us in a festive mood that had us thankful for the little things; like hair and makeup.


Nollywood actress, Chioma Akpotha is such a delight to behold in her simple straight flat braids. There’s a lesson here somewhere; it’s clear you don’t need to follow up with the wig to look beautiful and you’re stunning in all your natural glory.

Our Beylloween queen Tabria Majors was a delight to watch in the new Megan Thee Stallion music video. With a flawless face beat by Ernesto Casillas, we are reminded that you can never go wrong with a sleek back ponytail. Especially when you’ve got your edges right.

So what’s your Christmas hairstyle going to be? Oh, that isn’t a thing anymore! But you may want to bring it back with these loose knotless braids on Congolese-French model Didi Stone Olomide. Her entire hair and makeup look was just a lesson in effortless glam and we totally love.


Acacia McBride is on her lane this year as a model. She continues to serve us edgy and classy look after look and this bad a$$ look is just one of them. Everything about this beauty look screams drama––from her Afro piled high to her large brows to the dramatically winged black eyeliner framing her eyes. Even her pout is perfectly highlighted by the pink lipstick she has on. Go off sis!

To cap off last week, South African makeup artist Lungile Thabethe left us with a glittery wide smile that was as festive as it was celebratory. We love how her lips were encased in glitter gloss while her eyes were framed by shimmering gold.

Whatever the celebration, with these beauty looks, you’re sure to find a befitting inspiration for your holiday makeup look and hairstyle. 

Check out last week’s best beauty looks…

Chioma Akpotha


Tabria Majors

. Holiday makeup looks 2020.

Acacia McBride

Lungile Thabethe


Vanessa Gyimah




Teaira Walker


Olomide Didi

Peigy Styles


Tori Nicole Bass

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