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It’s Dakore Akande Like You’ve Never Seen Before as She Covers Blanck Magazine’s “Body Issue”

It’s Dakore Akande Like You’ve Never Seen Before as She Covers Blanck Magazine’s “Body Issue”


In one of her most candid interviews yet, Nollywood A-lister Dakore Akande talks to Blanck Magazine about being self-conscious and having to work hard to change the things she disliked about her body by using real approaches that have worked really well for her.

Lately, the mother of two has been showing off pictures of herself working out so it comes as no surprise that she would use a magazine like Blanck to reveal her “new” body as a way to motivate others, especially mothers who struggle with losing the baby weight years after the baby arrived. According to Dakore Akande, she was able to achieve her goals by staying motivated and determined. With this new body, Dakore is fully back to doing what she does best after years of absence from the film industry.

But not one to fit into the society’s idea of beauty, Dakore emphasized that at the end of the day, losing weight is a personal thing and shouldn’t be about what society expects of you.  According to her, “it’s about what rocks your boat.” She adds “but don’t let anyone dictate for you who you should be; skinny doesn’t mean beautiful.”


We just have to quickly add that Dakore looks amazing!

According to the magazine, “this issue of the magazine is our most rewarding yet, as we seek to celebrate the progressive nature of womanhood.”

The digital version will be available online, on the iOS and Android apps on the 7th of April 2016. Download the Blanck Magazine app to read the full issue.
The Print Version will be available from the 14th of April 2014, visit the BlanckShop to order your copy.

Creative Team

Cover Story – Rae Ogbu & Franka Chiedu

Makeup – Bunmi Ogedengbe (NeonVelvet)

Styling – Ihunna Eberendu

Creative Direction – Franka Chiedu

Photography – Natalie Welbeck

Photography Assistant – Charlene Hesson

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