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It’s a Social Media World: Kylie Jenner’s Paper Magazine Interview Was Done Over IG DMs

It’s a Social Media World: Kylie Jenner’s Paper Magazine Interview Was Done Over IG DMs

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Kylie Jenner is on the April Cover of Paper Magazine’s YOUth Issue. Other than looking like a pink Marilyn Monroe, it’s just been revealed that Kylie had her interview done in the most unusual modern way! Move over face to face interviews, move over phone interviews, Instagram DM is the the new interview cool!

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So according to People Style Watch, “instead of your standard back and forth conversation between the magazine and Kylie, Paper chose instead to go for a crowd sourced questionnaire from a few of her fans, friends, and fellow celebs in an attempt to get to the root of what precisely makes the teen just so Kylie. The article opens with one of her fans, @elijahmccoy, asking, “What is the biggest misconception you think people have about you?” Predictably, Kylie retorts, “Probably that I’m just super fake and that at 16/17, I got my full face reconstructed and that I only care about materialistic things.” But Jenner’s reality and her aspirations for the future actually couldn’t be any more disparate from that statement, telling Jason Wu that she day dreams about getting, “to a place in my life where I can be off the radar,” and citing the single most important thing she hopes to accomplish in life as having, “a really big family and a farm,” as well as “a really successful cosmetic line,” that is.”

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Visit People Style Watch to read more on the Kylie X Paper Magazine interview.

Photo credit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner, Paper Magazine

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