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Is Period Sex Okay? 5 Reasons To Rethink The Forbidden Sex Ideology

Is Period Sex Okay? 5 Reasons To Rethink The Forbidden Sex Ideology



e sure have come a long way from when women were sent into solitary because they were on their periods and right now we’re discussing if period sex is a go or not. Oh, how things change! Of course ladies, this also means that you can’t always pull the “I’m on my period” card. Mostly because period has generally become accepted as a completely natural way of life (I wonder why it wasn’t in the first place), and also because not everyone perceives period sex as a taboo. Certainly it should be noted that this level of acceptance doesn’t subtract your freedom to say no when you’re not comfortable with it.

Aside the expected mess that comes with period sex, it’s not a taboo if you still want to indulge in it. As a matter of fact, there’s abundant scientific research that sex is even more pleasurable when you’re on your period. Yes, it exists, it may be surprising, but it does exist. Personally, I suspect we have shied away from this sex because the generations before us painted it bad. Come to think of it, what can be so bad about two perfectly natural occurrences? In addition to this, there’re also some misconceptions that plague period sex. 

Popular misconceptions about period sex

Photo: Polina Kovaleva | Pexels
  • You can’t get pregnant during period sex. This is not true, there’s still a possibility that you could get pregnant during period sex. Although it’s a lower probability, it’s still possible.
  • Having sex on your period would make your flow heavier and induce cramps. While this could happen, it’s usually dependent on whether or not you orgasm. This is because orgasm causes uterine contractions which may momentarily force blood out. On the contrary, period sex could reduce cramps and make you feel good instead.
  • Having sex on your period is unsanitary. Aside the obvious spill of blood on your sheets which you should immediately wash off, there’s nothing unsanitary about period sex.

How can I minimize the mess?

If you wish to have period sex but would like to reduce the messy sheets and overall cleanup after, then try to:

  • Place a dark colored towel/cloth directly underneath yourself and your partner to protect the sheets from becoming bloody.
  • Have sex in the shower. It’s not regular, but it’s fun.

Check out 5 reasons why period sex is perfectly okay to indulge in…

#1. It serves as a lubricant

Photo: Deon Black | Unsplash

If you’re one of those who don’t get wet easily, with period sex you don’t have to bother about a dry vagina because proper lubrication happens naturally. 

#2. Period sex is a good pain relief

Photo: Dainis Graveris | Pexels

Research has shown that women who have period sex say that they are relieved of cramps and headaches. This could be as a result of the release of endorphins during orgasm.

#3. A good night rest is promised

Photo: ArtHouse Studio | Pexels

One thing that accompanies great orgasmic sex is the release of the prolactin hormone and with its release comes an urge to get that nerve relaxing sleep you deserve.

#4. Menstruation could give a libido boost

Photo: Alexander Krivitskiy | Unsplash

Ever wondered why the same movie you’ve watched three times is suddenly making you mushy and why you’re extra sensitive during your period? Blame it on the rising estrogen and testosterone hormones. The good part is that these hormones don’t just stop at making you a cry baby, most women actually say it makes them more aroused during period sex. 

#5. Shorter period span

Photo: Laker | Pexels

Due the uterine contractions, menstruation could last shorter days as an orgasm facilitates the lining shedding period. If you’re like most women, then you wouldn’t mind your period days coming to an end faster.

While “everybody’s doing it” might be a good reason to indulge, it’s also okay to note that it’s not for everyone. Plus, if you don’t feel comfortable with the mess and would rather pass, no pressure. 

Featured image: Dainis Graveris | Unsplash

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