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Is A Wedding Veil Still Necessary? Let’s Put This Argument To An End

Is A Wedding Veil Still Necessary? Let’s Put This Argument To An End

Should I wear a wedding veil? This is a common question among contemporary brides. Some brides-to-be seem to consider a wedding veil to be “old-fashioned” or even “primitive,” believing it’s gone with the times – are they right?

I’ve watched ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ so many times; not because I particularly spend a lot of time dreaming of my wedding day but because its a darn good show. Watching the series, one thing I’ve come to realize is the importance of a wedding veil.

Most contemporary brides leave veil shopping to the last minute at which point making a choice is hurried but on the show, a veil is seen as a finishing touch to a wedding dress and when that simple touch is added, the bride-to-be is immediately transformed into a bride. So yes, you could say its relevance is strongly attached to its symbolism.

Now if you don’t want to wear a veil, that’s alright but if you do but you are skeptical because you think it’s a popular tradition that has or is becoming unpopular then you’re wrong. Don’t believe me? Just ask Mrs K. West who wore a wedding dress that came with the most traditional of veils. The veil addition made her look like she was the most innocent bride ever. Kim Kardashian looked like entirely pristine.

Many celebrities have been known to wear dresses made for brides down the red carpet. What makes a bride look different in her dress is the extra attention she gives to her look on the D-day. To show you how ethereal a veil makes any bride look, we’ve curated a contemporary lookbook that will leave you fully inspired.

You should also sleep on this quote by a wedding veil designer:

“The gown is gorgeous and it’s white and it’s beautiful, but in theory, it could be on any starlet walking down a red carpet. When you put a veil on, you are a bride.”

—Sara Gabriel

Check out how these veils add that finishing element to a bride’s overall appearance…



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