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5 Iconic 2000s Hairstyles You Could Totally Rock In 2021

5 Iconic 2000s Hairstyles You Could Totally Rock In 2021


Oh, the sweet 2000s. The era of binging on dance movies like You Got Served and stepping to Bizzy Body by P-Square. The funky fashion trends, R&B songs that kept us in our feelings, and of course, the iconic 2000s hairstyles that meant you were poppin’!

Do you ever look at your pictures from that time with satisfaction at yourself and crew for being such hotties by serving up the curls and colors in undiluted 2000s swag? The courageous hair dyes (I’m so guilty), waves, and all that hair gel (thank goodness we have edge control now).

The most raved about fashion and beauty moments undoubtedly happened in the 2000s and perhaps, we are still stuck on it (maybe it’s the hair gel). If you have ever anticipated a comeback, we’re glad to tell you that many of the hairstyles we loved are indeed back as though they never left.

Here are 5 iconic 2000s hairstyles you can rock in 2021…

#1. Half-up, Half-down

Photo: Instagram | @vanessa_gyimah

Fast forward two decades later, and celebrities like J.Lo are still rocking this hairstyle. The Half-up, Half-down hair trend is making the same buzz right now as it did in the 2000s. Be sure to keep it beach-wavy or straight because the effortlessness perceived off the hairstyle is the goal.

#2. Braids

braid hairstyles 2021
Photo: Instagram | @okemute__

A timeless trend, braids are one of the iconic 2000s hairstyles that are still relevant in our time. They’ve been around for a long time and have evolved repeatedly, but remain consistent in blessing our scalps and elevating our lewks


#3. Pigtails

Photo: Instagram | @beautybybb_

In the 2000s, they cut pigtails into four to eight sections, but today, they are more likely to be seen packed up in two mini ponytails like the rich and pretty cheerleader everyone wanted to date. Remember her?


#4. Black hair color

Photo: Instagram | @nengiofficial

Every chic person in the 2000s wasn’t oblivious of this hair fact: the darker, the merrier. We’re talking shiny, wet-looking black hair in all its glory and sleekness. After perambulating around the color spectrum, we’re back to black.


#5. Side bangs

Photo: Instagram | @breenylee

These well-defined side bangs are the type of hairstyles that cover one eye. Yes, the one we remember Aaliyah for. They literally turn your hair into an edgy accessory, perfect for any occasion.

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