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How to Select Your Next Perfume: Let the “Scents” Guide You!

How to Select Your Next Perfume: Let the “Scents” Guide You!

In the words of Coco Chanel, “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” So it’s no surprise that most women do not leave home without spraying their favourite scent. In fact, if you’re like the typical woman, you have a perfume for every mood. I personally have a preferred perfume for when I am happy, one for when I am feeling sexy, another for when I am a little down and a totally different one for when I am heading to a serious business meeting. Perfumes have the unique ability to influence and alter our mood. If you have you ever felt down, then sprayed on your favourite perfume and suddenly felt better, then you know exactly what I am on about.

Red apple, Jasmine, Cedar wood, Rose, Citrus … these are just some of the scents you hear when you go perfume shopping and the seller is trying to impress you with the high and low notes of the latest perfumes. It could be tough finding the right words to describe the scent you desire when you go perfume shopping. Understanding that each perfume is made up of one or several flower-based scents will help you when next you go on a perfume adventure. So for instance, if you love the smell of roses, then ask for a perfume with a rose scent as its base and do the same if you are a big fan of lilies.

We have curated a list of classic perfumes with a summary of their base scents to help you understand what scents come together to give each of these their unique characteristic smell.

Did your favourite perfumes make our list?

How do you perfume-shop? Be sure to share your tips with other Style Ravens.

Stay Stylish! Bisous!

By Idy Caroline

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