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Style Guide: 5 Fashion Tips To Help You Hide Belly Fat In Plain Sight

Style Guide: 5 Fashion Tips To Help You Hide Belly Fat In Plain Sight

How to hide belly fat stylishly

I received a mail from a friend who asked if I had any tips on changing up her style in a way that flatters her changing body. Particularly, she wanted tips on how to hide her post-partum belly fat without looking ten years older than her age. I am sure most women can relate to this.

Whether or not you recently had a baby, at a certain age, once women start gaining a little more weight belly fat becomes a real issue. For post-partum women, it’s even more serious as it becomes “the pouch” that just won’t go away! It influences what outfits you can and cannot wear. I am a victim of stubborn post-partum belly fat and for a life-long “lepa shandi” like myself, this problem is even more troubling. It really can be quite frustrating but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to adapt your wardrobe to styles that allow you to flaunt your assets while minimizing your liabilities and that’s exactly what I’ve learned to do.

Celebrities and media personalities like OAP Toolz Oniru have mastered the tips and skills needed to put their best bods forward. For instance, Toolz who’s the spokesperson for Shape You wears a belly shaper to accentuate her waist.

Every woman should know how to “package herself well” which is why I have put together five must-have wardrobe essentials to help you deal with excess love handles or belly fat or flabby tummy or whatever you choose to call yours.

Here are 5 tips to help you hide belly fat in plain sight…

#1. Belly Shapers

How to hide belly fat
Photo: Pexels | Shuxuan Cao

Especially for special occasions and anytime you have a fitted dress on, belly or body shapers are a must-have. Find one that offers very firm control for your belly without making you feel like you are short of breath.



#2. Peplum Top or Dress

Photo: Instagram | Original Mangu

Peplum tops and dresses easily create a magic effect that makes the pouch look non-existent. You have to try different brands and cuts to find which works best for your body type. Aim for a peplum top that begins to flare exactly where the pouch begins.

#3. The Structured Blazer

The deep “V” cut of the structured blazer gives you a trim look while hiding the pooch. Invest in colors and fabrics that can be worn year-round. Pair the blazer with tight-fitting pants/skirts and high heel shoes that make you look extra leggy and take attention away from your mid-region.

#4. Statement Accessories

Photo: Instagram | Yemi Alade

Statement accessories include jewelry, handbags and scarfs that add unique and bold accents to your basic attire. They have the ability to steal attention and make your problem areas hide in plain sight.

#5. Wrap Dress

Kim Opara 2021
Photo: Instagram | Kim Opara

The wrap dress just has a really special effect in that it reveals the curvature of your hips while the overlapping portion of the wrap distracts the curious eyes from the pouch that lays beneath it. Get wrap dresses with bold prints or patterns as such designs add more drama and a camouflage effect to the attire.

Here’s hoping these easy fashion tips help you stay on top of your style game while you keep doing exercises known to burn belly fat.

I am off to do some belly crunches.

Stay stylish!

Featured image credit: Pexels | Timothy Works

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