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How To Choose Your Wardrobe Essentials Like A Pro With 14 Stylish Pieces

How To Choose Your Wardrobe Essentials Like A Pro With 14 Stylish Pieces


Fashion, without a doubt, connotes the feeling of empowerment. And for this reason, curating the perfect wardrobe essentials can be key to how best you put it to use. Thankfully, this season’s latest fashion trends offer an array of functional and comfortable options to choose from. The best part? They are also absolutely stylish!

Even more exciting, these wardrobe essentials are as fluid as they are modish. Not only do they elevate your closet luxuriously, but they also create room for versatile outfit decisions. With an intricate play on details like prints, colors, and dimensions, you’ll be set to strut these semi-vaccinated streets like a bonafide-style star. Whether you’re a high fashion connoisseur, a boho-chic, or sporty slay devotee, you’re in for a treat!

For starters, take a cue from runway fads and some of your favorite trendsetters, some of whom are featured in this piece. In truth, your creative intuition is the core foundation you need to ace this closet transformation. Thankfully, breaking the bank isn’t necessary, as you can work with pieces you already own and add just a few of these to elevate your wardrobe. Think of it as giving yourself a makeover after a tough year.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to switch things up with your personal style, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 14 trendy wardrobe essentials to help you elevate your summer 2021 style…

#1. Split-Hem Pants

Photo: Alexandra Lapp | Instagram  | Wardrobe essentials 2021

If you’re big on attention to details, the split-hem pant is certainly a must-have. The sartorial gem accentuates your legs while framing whatever footwear you have on for that extra oomph! In conjunction with its high fashion status, the split-hem trouser is also a multiseasonal staple.

Shop editor’s split-hem pant edit

#2. Asymmetrical Tops

white asymmetrical bodysuit stylerave
Photo: Grandykat | Instagram

There’s something about intriguing necklines that make an outfit stand out fiercely. As such, it’s no surprise that asymmetrical tops are at the forefront of style right now. From sleek bodysuits to cozy sweaters, the stress-free wardrobe essential upgrades your top game. And in terms of being dynamic, they fit into a plethora of preferences with an array of tints and prints.

Shop editor’s asymmetrical top edit

#3. Matching Sets

Photo: estaregrams | Instagram

Finding an effortless go-to outfit can sometimes be a drag, but matching sets are here to save the day. The wardrobe essential two-piece look comes in natty fabrics like satin and waffle knit textures, and they feather a sense of luxury. With different colors ranging from neutrals to bold tinges, matching sets simply make whatever statements you want them to.

Shop editor’s matching set edit

#4. Signature Dresses

yellow maxi dress stylerave
Photo: Blair Eadie | Instagram

Smocks have a way of making a low-effort look seem polished, and this is key for the days when you’re on the less is more wavelength. Essentially, having a signature dress to throw on can be the fashion first aid you never knew you needed. The good news is, there are so many styles to choose from bodycon and a-line forms to sundresses and puff sleeve fits. To kick things up a notch if you dare, bold prints like florals or abstract designs make the attire pop with ease.

Shop editor’s signature dress edit

#5. Colorful Leather Pieces

green leather jumpsuit stylerave
Photo: Sade Akinosho | Instagram

Your wardrobe essential checklist should definitely have colorful leather pieces as they are hot and trending at the moment. Varying from saturated tones in pastels of yellow and lilac to bright, eye-catching hues of red and green, they are oh-so-cool!

Shop editor’s colorful leather piece edit

#6. Oversized Jackets/Blazers

oversized blazers stylerave
Photo: Gratsikat & Grandykat

For a snazzy take on longline or boyfriend silhouettes and boxy shapes, you can never go wrong with an oversized jacket or blazer. Come spring, summer, and even winter, it never loses its power of finesse. You can pair them with straight-leg trousers or leather shorts for an ultra-modern take or tailored denim jeans for a street-style vibe. Either way, it’s a win-win!

Shop editor’s oversized jacket/blazer edit

#7. Oversized Button-Down Shirts

brown oversized shirt and ripped jeans stylerave
Photo: JariatuDanita | Instagram

Speaking of larger-than-life outlines, oversized button-down shirts add a sophisticated quality to your wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down and can be taken from day to night, depending on how you style them. Presently, the classic garb is having its trim time in the spotlight in pigments of white, brown, and green.

Shop editor’s oversized button-down shirt edit

#8. Tailored Denim Fits

high waist bootcut jeans stylerave
Photo: Buhle Samuels | Instagram

What’s better than a good pair of jeans you can seamlessly reach for? The answer is simple, it’s one that’s tailored to your specific stature and shape. For instance, if you’re petite, a high waist flare in a dark wash speaks volumes in length. Similarly, a high waist boot cut in a lighter wash works well for tall stylistas.

Shop editor’s tailored denim edit

#9. Vintage Silk Scarves

vintage silk scarf stylerave
Photo: Anele Zondo | Instagram

Multifunctional wardrobe essentials are always a good idea, and vintage silk scarves are here to prove it. They are the small but crucial lifesavers on chilly days, as well as upscale accessories to tie around or over your head on bad hair days. Ultimately, silk scarves are ultra-chic and useful.

Shop editor’s vintage silk scarf edit

#10. Ruched Faux Leather Bags

faux ruched leather bag stylerave
Photo: Joana Vaz | Instagram

Although they are slouchy and soft, ruched faux leather bags have a way of completing outfits opulently. Popularly rocked in neutrals of beige and brown, they also come in buttery-colored pastels and luminous colors. Additionally adding to its craze, its croissant-like shape is interestingly ingenious and dainty, making it a style favorite.

Shop editor’s ruched faux leather bag edit

#11. Barely-there Sandals

Bonang Matheba wearing barely-there sandals
Photo: Bonang Matheba | Instagram

It’s always a treat to have footwear that goes with almost anything, and barely-there sandals hit the mark on this. As if being a minimalist’s dream wasn’t enticing enough, the revealing strappy heels add a certain je ne sais quoi to already exaggerated outfits. And P.S fun colors like blue, yellow, and purple are sure to make you a head-turner wherever you go.

Shop editor’s barely-there sandals edit

#12. Fashion Sneakers

latest wardrobe essentials stylerave
Photo: Lerato kgamanyane | Instagram

On the note of eye-catching wardrobe must-haves, fashion sneakers are the practical kicks you want to have. Dynamically offering options from clean white designs to retro-colored forms, they are on a high comfort level like no other.

Shop editor’s fashion sneakers

#13. Mini Gold Hoop Earrings

mini gold hoop earrings stylerave
Photo: Iamdodos | Instagram Wardrobe essentials 2021

When it comes to timeless jewelry pieces that transcend fashion trends and seasons, mini gold hoop earrings emerge. For this reason only, owning them is to love them! From discreet minimalist casts to embellished pairs, they are spruce investments.

Shop editor’s mini gold hoop earrings edit

#14. Uplifting Prints

wardrobe essentials stylerave
Photo: Olomide Didi-Stone | Instagram

Picking out your wardrobe essentials without thinking of colors and prints can be a style mistake. But have no fear, uplifting prints are here to introduce you to a variety of possible choices. Think of tie-dye and abstract motifs, as they can be big mood boosters for some good old fashion therapy.

Shop editor’s uplifting prints edit 

Wardrobe essentials 2021

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