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Hottest Sunglasses for Spring/Summer 2016 + Frame Tips for All Face Shapes

Hottest Sunglasses for Spring/Summer 2016 + Frame Tips for All Face Shapes

Let’s talk shades…as in sunglasses ?! What’s hot are irregular shaped frames, exaggerated cat-eye (meow) frames, bold coloured frames, and exaggerated circular shaped frames.

Embellished, tinted lens, overstated, and futuristic shaped eyewear are sure to make you stand out from the crowd and a make a wow (or meow) statement! Knowing the right frames that complement the shape of your face can be a bit challenging for most people, but we are here to help. Whether you have a round, oval, heart, or square face we have curated various looks to guide you in the right direction when next you shop for some new shades. Also, below are quick eyewear style tips for all face shapes:

  • Round shaped face:  Square or rectangular frames works to elongate your face. Also, sharp edged cat-eye frames works to sharpen your soft your features
  • Square shaped face: Go for rounded cat eye frames or aviators – to soften your sharp features
  • Heart shaped face: Frames that wider than your face will complement your strong jawline. Think  rectangular, aviators, or wide/exaggerated frames
  • Oval  shaped face: You guys have nothing to worry about, as you can pull off any frame –  circular, rectangular, oversized, round, cat eye all work well for this favoured bunch (not fair)!

Check out the frame on these celebs. Which is your favourite?

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