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Harmattan is Coming! 5 Protective Crochet Hairstyles You Should Try This Dry Season

Harmattan is Coming! 5 Protective Crochet Hairstyles You Should Try This Dry Season

Crochet Hairstyles - Stephanie Coker
Stephanie Coker (left) and models for her ‘Krochet Kulture’ brand

I can already feel it on my lips, the effects of the dry harmattan breeze, trying to suck the moisture out of everything including my nappy 4c hair but this time I’m not going to take any chances, my defense is strong. Two words (sorry, make that four), ‘chapsticks’ and ‘protective crochet hairstyles!’

While my last beauty post focused on lip care products to combat the effects of this dry weather, today’s post is all about protective hair styling, specifically crochet hairstyles that will save your hair from brittleness, dryness and breakages due to lack of moisture during this season.

Crochet hairstyles made its huge debut last year and continued to remain popular in 2016. Its ease of installation has made it a fave for women of colour so it’s safe to say crotchet hairstyles are definitely here to stay! Crochet styling are not only easy to do, they are such great protective styles with endless numbers of options, allowing you experiment with various lengths, colors, and textures, all while keeping your natural hair safe and undamaged. They are also cost effective, durable and easy to maintain.

If you’re a newbie to the crochet game, here’s a quick guide for you: simply braid your natural hair into cornrows, after which extensions are looped through the cornrows using a crochet hook. The end result is a seamless style that lets you show off bold hairstyles while your natural hair takes a break. So say “goodbye” to long hours of sitting at the salon, the pain of freshly done braids and the time it takes to get rid of them as crocheting saves you all that stress.

Here are the top 5 crochet hairstyles I suggest you rock during this season. They are perfect for women with natural or relaxed hair. And fear not, these are no Brazilian weaves so you don’t have to break the bank!

Ombre Crochet 


Want to spark a conversation when you walk in to a room? Then try blonde, wine or any other colour ombre ends for a big, glamorous style that grabs attention without being high maintenance.

Fluffy Twist Out


Perfect for everyday wear. Its face framing layers make it flattering without being too bulky, while the side part adds extra volume on top.

Jumbo Senegalese Twists


Also known as rope twists, this style is achieved by looping pre-twisted hair into cornrows. Always remember to moisturize your natural hair before getting this style installed.

Sleek Straight Crochet

crochet hairstyles

If you are into sleek straight hair, try a straight style with your next crochet braids. Try varying the length and adding layers that suit your face shape and personal style.

Unraveled Mambo Twists


If you’re getting tired of your twists, it may be time to unravel them. This glamorous style can be easily embellished with a few bright colored strands.

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