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Get Up To Date On The Top Hat Trends For 2021

Get Up To Date On The Top Hat Trends For 2021



hile some of us like to make a head-on collision with new trends, some others move cautiously, choosing rather to stick to the stuff they know. Fashion is about risks, and playing safe could sometimes be boring. This doesn’t trivialize your love for classic pieces, it’s just to assure you that every once in a while, it’s a good idea to spark up your wardrobe collection with new trends that complement your personal style. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice your preferences, rather you keep evolving in a less predictable manner. 

What’s all the fashion pep talk for? Because it’s hat season guys and with all of 2021’s top hat trends, there has to be a hat that suits you perfectly. Did you know that the right hat can elevate your girl next door outfit to a style boss status? That’s right, with the right accessories, you get to slay every single time. Those days of focusing on neck pieces, sunglasses, and handbags alone are so behind us because 2021 is the year of hats in all sizes and colors.

Check out the top hat trends for 2021. Keep your head up… 

#1. Bucket hats

Have you seen what style influencers are doing with bucket hats? Those regular hats you knew are so gone and if you’re looking to dress up with a stylish twist, then bucket hats are definitely worth it.

Photo: @iamthandolwethu/Instagram
Photo: @s4de_u/Instagram

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#2. Berets

This is one hat that has shown up on the runway back to back, with that français twist we’ve been waiting for. While designers scribble on their pads creating masterpieces that leave us shockingly impressed, this hat is one of such creations to absolutely fall in love with. This 2021 hat trend is definitely one to stock up. 

Photo: @maryann_eboh/Instagram
Photo: @t2pitchy/Instagram

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#3. Straw hats

Of course, we’re low-key hoping the summer sun doesn’t keep on with its blazing heat, but if it chooses to ignore our plea, this hat is very much built for it. It is a fashionable item and a dependable sunshade wrapped in one. So, we good! 

Photo: @s4de_u/Instagram
Photo: @edaowofashion/Instagram

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#4. Turbans

While you’re busy arguing if a turban falls into the hat or scarf category, we’re busy slaying with them. Sue me. What else can we make out of 2021 hat trends but glam up and show up?

Photo: @kellycouture/Instagram
Photo: @onyiibekeh/Instagram

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#5. Baseball hats

This hat goes with just about any casual outfit and gives off a hard-to-replicate vibe. For that effortless everyday look, finish off your ensemble with a baseball hat. It can only get better.

Photo: @missdemsxo/Instagram
Photo: @monicadenise/Instagram

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More styling inspirations…

Photo: @monicadenise/Instagram
Photo: @sadebeautypro/Instagram
Photo: @t2pitchy/Instagram
Photo: @mode_by_rache/Instagram
Photo: @monicadenise/Instagram
Photo: @omilagqoboka/Instagram
Photo: @jalisaevaughn/Instagram

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