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A Gentleman’s Guide To Having Perfectly Manicured Nails At Home | Men’s Beauty

A Gentleman’s Guide To Having Perfectly Manicured Nails At Home | Men’s Beauty

In an era where you find a lot of suave and sophisticated men that understand the importance of feeling as good as they look or even better, there are still men who don’t give two hoots about their looks. The importance of personal grooming cannot be over emphasized as your appearance determines if you are giving off an overall negative or positive impression.

Let’s talk about nails! Nails are made up of layers of protein called keratin with the purpose of protecting the ends of our fingers and toes from trauma and to help pick things up. It is therefore essential to take good care of your nails.

The simplest way you can ensure your hands and nails are clean is by washing them with warm water and mild soap while using a nail brush (the can be substituted with an old too brush) to gently scrub off dirt from under your nails. You can also visit the salon for a manicure and pedicure and there is nothing emasculating about this. However, if you’d rather not set foot in a nail salon, follow these tips to perfect your at-home nail-grooming skills:


Yes you read right! Your feet needs exfoliation especially if your feet tends to get hard always. This is the time to give your foot a deserving soak in lukewarm water with some Epsom salt as the warm water will soften your skin. Proceed to use a pumice stone or foot file to rub your calluses away. Rub your feet in vigorous, circular motion. If there’s a heavy buildup, rinse your feet often by dripping them back into the water. You should also rinse the pumice stone to get it wet again to remove the dead skin. This should be done once a week if needed, and shouldn’t be painful.


Trim your nail short but don’t trim too much as this can be painful and lead to infection. Gently cut your nails using a nail cutter or  scissors making sure to follow your natural nail curve.

Smooth the edge

This is where you whip out your nail file. The nail file gives you a tool for smoothing out without cracking the nails. The files let you round off the edges of your nails, which helps them grow straight out from the finger instead of digging into the flesh at the edges of the nail beds. That helps prevent in-growths, hangnails, and infections.

That’s all you need to do to ensure your nails are looking great at all times. Easy right?

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