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The Gbogbo Bigz Girls and Other Make-Believe Trends in Lagos: How Not to Fall for It!

The Gbogbo Bigz Girls and Other Make-Believe Trends in Lagos: How Not to Fall for It!


We know about the gbogbo bigz gehs (GBG) trend right? The fake it to look it trend. As in ehn… the pressure is so real. We are caught up in a make-believe lifestyle, that can snuff the life out of anyone and drive us to do anything crazy just to keep proving the point that we have made it and have arrived at the coveted “bigz gehs” status. But the GBG status does not only apply to girls as there’s an equally powerful gbogbo bigz boiz trend.

In my early days in Lagos, I quickly spotted the make-belief trend. For instance, a man shares a BQ apartment with a friend yet he is the owner of two cars. Where are his priorities though?

The pressure to keep up with the fake big gehs and boiz trend is real but so is the determination not to fall for it. You can live in Lagos and not be caught up in the spur of the moment lifestyle of living way above your means. I’ll tell you how…

Rule No. 1: Get your circle right


In a recent argument with a friend I tried to prove to him that your circle is a major determinant of your choices. The people you are with per time inadvertently affect your decisions. So you wanna always ask yourself, is this my life right now and not one scripted by somebody else?

Rule No. 2: Do not be easily moved by popular opinion

popular-opinionLagos can be so over-rated! Take time out to find out things for yourself. My friend who just moved to Lagos recently told me she’s decided that she will find out things for himself and not be carried away by the wind of tales and trends. Stick to your own spending behavior too. Also, did you know that in the middle of myths, you can still choose a lifestyle that resonates with your beliefs and priorities?

Rule No. 3: Learn to say “NO!”

noWithin this two-letter word lies so much power. The power to be content, to be ourselves and to not feel left out!

Rule No 4: Master how to be alone

how-to-be-aloneLearn to tell yourself that just you are enough! You are your one-man-squad! You don’t have to surround yourself with a bunch of people who make you spend beyond your means and live a generally fake life just to feel like you belong. It’s very okay to belong to no one else but your self!

Rule No 5: Set goals


Life Goals, Financial goals, Career goals! Set up your goals and live up to your own expectations.

Try out these simple and effective rules and your actions will immediately be aligned with your priorities.

All the best at beating Lagos at its game!

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