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GABRIELLE UNION: 44 And Flaunting Body Goals Despite Her Infertility Struggles

GABRIELLE UNION: 44 And Flaunting Body Goals Despite Her Infertility Struggles


When I grow up I wanna look like Gabrielle Union-Wade. No joke! I really wanna be like this ageless beauty. The 44-year-old actress and fitness enthusiast is most certainly one to aspire to be like as she doesn’t look a day older than twenty-five. In her new memoir, Gabrielle recently revealed that she’s struggled with infertility, writing that her “body has been a prisoner of trying to get pregnant.” “I have endured eight failed IVF cycles, with my body constantly bloated from these hormones,” the “Being Mary Jane” star added.

Gabrielle is ‘one strong individual’ according to her husband, Dwayne Wade and you can see that the star has been able to maintain her fit physique over the years and just like fine wine she looks better with age.

Here are two categories of times the ‘Being Mary Jane’ star Actress has rocked our worlds. Firstly,

Hot Out Of Clothes

Of course, we don’t expect anything less from the sultry actress who has a bikini body to die for while most of us who aren’t even close to her age are trying very hard to stay fit. Gabrielle Union-Wade doesn’t need to try too hard, she’s got the right formula and we are loving it!

Even Hotter With Clothes On

Whether she’s in a bikini or not Gabrielle has proved that her body is a banger. The fun part is that she finds the most flattering pieces that work for her body type and pulls them off effortlessly.

Photo credit: IG | Gabunion

Bikini or not, Gabrielle Union-Wade is a total babe and we are in awe of her.

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