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This Floral-Silk Sleepwear-Inspired Trend isn’t Going Anywhere Soon | Fashion Trends

This Floral-Silk Sleepwear-Inspired Trend isn’t Going Anywhere Soon | Fashion Trends

Dear Fashionistas, remember when your pyjamas were made for night time only? Well, those days are far gone because today’s street style stars and celebrities have given them a new light, as in, daylight.

Prior to the boom of this trend, floral-silk fabrics weren’t as popular as they are right now. Very few thought they were cool enough for the bright hours and so they were used mostly as sleepwear. Fast forward to 2017, the pyjamas trend that kicked off late last year is giving the top and budding designers alike a boost of inspiration for their designs.

From pyjamas to kimonos to athleisure (track-sets), here are the fun ways you can rock the sleepwear and athleisure trend.

The best way to pull off this look is with a sense of humour and a fierceness that only courageous people can muster. There’s already a fanciness about wearing silk, tune it up a notch with a great smile and some fancy pieces of jewellery.


I love a girl with an attitude. You don’t have to wear complete pyjamas or track-set before you can achieve a totally badass look. Pairing a floral-silk piece with Denim can make you look even bolder.


A complete tack-set combo works well if you have enough swag to pull it off. The best way is to complete the look with a cool colour that fits the backdrop of the outfit perfectly.


A full pyjama look needs the hemline to fall swiftly and not overwhelmingly which means a little bit of length is required and so heeled sandals are the best option to perfect this look.

Glam Radar

Whether it’s pyjamas, silk-set or track-set, if not styled correctly you may look like you are strolling to the stores. Therefore work layers into the look to give it a more defined look.


Finally, from the title, you can clearly see that silk is the catchword, which means a cotton pyjama or track-set wouldn’t cut it. Silk is more polished and sleeker.

Ciao Milano

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